1. This Act may be cited as the Constitution of Kenya. Act 2. In this Act, except Ghana. Malaysia, Nigeria, Cyprus, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Jamaica. Constitution of the Republic of Ghana: Front Cover. Ghana. Ghana Publishing Corporation (Printing Division), - Constitutional law - pages. Page 1 of 16 FACTORS THAT LED TO THE ADOPTION OF CONSTITUTION The then Ghana had three constitutions in between the two World Wars.


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The office of the Ombudsman in existence immediately before the coming into force of this Constitution shall, until the President appoints the Commissioner for Human Rights and Administrative Justice and his Deputies, and provision is otherwise made, continue as if it forms part of the Office of the 1969 constitution of ghana for Human Rights and Administrative Justice.

Ghanaian parliamentary election, 1969

Notwithstanding article of this Constitution, a person is not entitled to receive pension under the Social Security Scheme under the Social Security Law, PNDCL before attaining the age of fifty-five years unless Parliament by law otherwise determines.

Where any matter 1969 constitution of ghana thing has 1969 constitution of ghana commenced before the coming into force of this Constitution by a person or authority that has power for the purpose under the existing law, that matter or thing may be carried on and completed by the person or authority having power for the purpose after the coming into force of this Constitution; and it shall not be necessary for the person or authority to commence the matter or thing afresh.

The Presidential seal, the Public seal, the seals of the Superior Courts as well as any prescribed forms in use under any enactment in force immediately before the coming into 1969 constitution of ghana of this Constitution shall continue to be used until provision is otherwise made for them.

The prerogative of mercy of the President under article 72 of this 1969 constitution of ghana may be exercised in respect of any criminal offence committed before the coming into force of this Constitution as it may in respect of a criminal offence committed thereafter.

Constitution of the Republic of Ghana : 1969

1969 constitution of ghana any law to the contrary, the financial estimates in operation for the financial year in being at the coming into force of this Constitution shall, until provision is otherwise made by Act of Parliament, continue and shall have full effect.

Thus, this provision abolished arbitrary detention of Page 4 of 16 individuals and also arbitrary killing without the commission of criminal offences was prohibited. This provision is unambiguously stated under Article 14 which provided for the protection of individuals life by law.

Article 5 and 6 granted the right to individuals to become citizens of Ghana. This position gave recognition to individuals as citizens. The Articles provides that, individual whose either of his parent is a Ghanaian and was born in or outside the country shall become a citizen of Ghana.

Article 7 further provides that, a child 1969 constitution of ghana not more than seven years of age found in Ghana whose parent are not known shall be presumed to be a citizen of 1969 constitution of ghana by birth.

Constitution of the Republic of Ghana

Per international standards, citizens and or individuals should be recognized as nationals of a given State. Recognition 1969 constitution of ghana individuals as human beings living in a given society or country was accorded by the constitution.

The preamble of the ICCPR gives a similar position which affirms the recognition of individuals as citizens of a given State of which they belong.

Protection of rights 1969 constitution of ghana personal liberty was affirmed under Article 15 such that no person shall be deprived of his personal liberty and thus any person who is arrested shall be informed immediately a language that he will understand of the reasons of his arrest.

Citizens were given rights to counsel. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.


Article 16 and 17 of the constitution further provided for protection from slavery and force labour. Issues of slavery, servitude, hard labour were upheld to under this provision. The 17 specifically talked about inhuman treatment such as torture and degrading punishment.

Individuals were given the freedom to peaceful enjoyment of the privacy without any direct, indirect, purposive or abusive Page 5 of 16 interference. The 1969 constitution of ghana to privacy were given a priority over unnecessary 1969 constitution of ghana interferences and thus, individuals were made to enjoy their privacy in accordance with public order.

Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference.

They further state everyone charged with a criminal offence shall have the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law. In the determination of any criminal charge against him, everyone shall be entitled 1969 constitution of ghana the guarantees, in full equality: Individuals were protected 1969 constitution of ghana direct, indirect, purposive and arbitrary discrimination on grounds of sex, colour, race, religion, ethnic group, language and for this reason no person shall be treated in a discriminatory manner by any person acting by virtue of any law or in the performance of his function.


This proviso was clearly stated under Article Article 26 and 27 grant the president restricted power to declare a state of emergency in times of war or public discourse.

The president was prohibited from abusing the usage of the 1969 constitution of ghana law since he was required to act in accordance with the advice of the cabinet.

Ghanaian parliamentary election, - Wikipedia

This prevents arbitrarily detention of persons. The constitution provided for the representation of the people of Ghana. This was unambiguously stated under chapter five 5 of the constitution.