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According to him, ala hazrat naat arguing the contrary merely wanted to take advantage of the provisions allowing Muslims living under non-Muslim rule to collect interest from commercial transactions and had no desire to fight Jihad or perform Hijra.

Jinnah received full support in the Pakistan movement from Khan and also given political advice. It continued to such proportions that it became ala hazrat naat for me to open my mouth.


I also had a high fever, coupled with inflamed glands. The doctor who was called, looked at me closely for a few minutes. He exclaimed that I had the Plague. I could not speak at that moment, or else Ala hazrat naat could have told him that his diagnosis was incorrect and false.

I had, therefore, recited this dua: Prove that the words of your Beloved Habib s. At that moment, a voice on my ala hazrat naat advised me to use the Miswaak and black pepper.

Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi

Ala hazrat naat a little difficulty, I performed brushing with the Miswaak and kept the black pepper on my tongue as a tablet. Infinite, indeed, is the Mercy of Almighty Allah!


Within a few minutes, I had gained my strength and sent the doctor away by proving that his diagnosis was false and baseless. The storm reached such intensity that the Captain advised the passengers to wear their kafans shroudsala hazrat naat he could see no escape from such a storm.


Anoticing the concern on the face of his father, inquired as to what had transpired. If the captain has lost hope then let him do so.

Nimatein banT-ta jis simt--Translation of Ala Hazrat's naat |

In accordance with the commands of the Beloved Habib s. Love for Sayyiduna Ghawsul Azam R. He then distributed the sweets to those who were present. While the sweets were being distributed, those who were present became astonished to see Ala hazrat naat Hazrat standing up from his chair and kneeling down on to the floor in the Sajda position.

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They immediately came ala hazrat naat to him too see what had happened. Then only did they realise that the person distributing the Niyaaz had dropped a little on the ground, and Ala Hazrat was lifting this piece of Niyaaz with the tip of his blessed tongue!

Abut he was also the Ghawsul Azam of his time. Ala Hazrat left the entire maintenance of the land in the responsibility and trust of others. Although Ala Hazrat received a monthly allowance from his own property, he spent his allowance in the service of guests, of Sayyeds and in the purchasing of ala hazrat naat.


There were times when Ala Hazrat was left with only a ala hazrat naat pennies in his pocket! But he never inquired about the income that he received from his few possessions. They said that since Ala Hazrat commanded the respect of ala hazrat naat large Muslim populace, it would assist them in their Khilafat Movement.

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  • Nimatein banT-ta jis simt--Translation of Ala Hazrat's naat

Religion or worldly affairs? If it is worldly affairs, what can I partake in, for I have abstained from the world and have no interest ala hazrat naat it. He possessed all the conditions of ala hazrat naat Mujaddid and his entire life was spent trying to revive the Deen of the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.

The Muslims were in a state of confusion. He will refute and destroy false ala hazrat naat and will fear none but Almighty Allah.

He will very bravely and sincerely hoist the flag of Deen-e-Muhammadi s.