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As the Quran says, "With the truth we God have sent it down and with the truth it has come down. Some verses in the Quran seem to imply that alkoran alkarim those who do not speak Arabic would understand the Quran if it were recited alkoran alkarim them.

Mu'tazilasan Islamic school of theology based on reason alkoran alkarim rational thought, held that the Quran was created while the most widespread varieties alkoran alkarim Muslim theologians considered the Quran to be co-eternal with God and therefore uncreated.

Sufi philosophers view the question as artificial or wrongly framed.


I'jaz and Challenge of the Quran Inimitability of the Quran or "I'jaz" is the belief that no human speech can match the Quran in its content and form. The Quran is considered an alkoran alkarim miracle by Muslims, effective until the Day of Resurrection—and, thereby, the central proof granted to Muhammad in authentication alkoran alkarim his prophetic status.

Al koran al karim

The concept of inimitability originates in the Quran where in five different verses alkoran alkarim are challenged to produce something like the Quran: From the ninth century, numerous works appeared which studied the Quran and examined alkoran alkarim style and content.

Medieval Muslim scholars including al-Jurjani d.

Others argue that the Quran contains noble ideas, has inner meanings, maintained its freshness through the ages and has caused great transformations at alkoran alkarim individual level and in history.

Some scholars state alkoran alkarim the Quran contains scientific information that agrees with modern science.

Abdul Rahman Al Sudais - Quran Karim - surat al-kahf

The doctrine of the miraculousness of the Quran is further emphasized by Muhammad's illiteracy since the unlettered prophet could not have been suspected of composing the Quran. This sura, which consists of seven verses, is the most often recited sura alkoran alkarim the Alkoran alkarim Respect for the written text of the Quran is an important element of religious faith by many Muslims, and the Quran is treated with reverence.

Based on tradition and alkoran alkarim literal interpretation of Quran Islamic verses appear alkoran alkarim many other media, on buildings and on objects of all sizes, such as mosque lampsmetal work, pottery and single pages of calligraphy for muraqqas or albums.

Quranic inscriptions, Bara Gumbad mosqueDelhi, India. Typical glass and enamel mosque lamp with the Ayat an-Nur or "Verse of Light" Quranic verses, Shahizinda mausoleum, Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Quran page decoration art, Ottoman period. The leaves from this Quran written in gold and contoured with brown alkoran alkarim have a horizontal format.

Al Koran Al Karim Wholesale, Koran Suppliers - Alibaba

This is admirably suited to classical Kufic alkoran alkarimwhich became common under the early Abbasid caliphs. The Quran consists of chapters of alkoran alkarim lengths, each known as a sura.

Suras are classified as Meccan or Medinandepending on whether the verses were revealed before or after the migration of Muhammad to the city of Medina. However, a sura classified as Medinan may contain Meccan verses in it and vice versa.