There's a snag to assembling a PC in , however. Exorbitant DRAM costs and the inflated price of graphics cards—thanks to their central. You won't need many tools to assemble your computer, in fact the only one you must have is the screwdriver, but if you can get most of the following together. If you're familiar with a few simple hand tools, you could assemble a complete PC in less time than it takes to read this guide, but.


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Assemble PC Online with Free PC Builder Tool

Some combinations of motherboards and cases may also use different types of assemble computer in assemble computer places or provide non-matching screw holes that cannot be used in a specific case.

The motherboard can possibly be damaged if you try to push it into position with the wrong set of standoffs underneath or when trying to use the wrong set of screw holes. Now fasten a screw through each of the motherboard screw holes into the standoffs underneath.

These screws should be snug but not tight, there is no reason to torque down on them, hand tight is fine, otherwise you can damage the motherboard.

How To Assemble A Desktop PC/Assembly

Once the motherboard is installed, it is time to plug the other components. These processors are used by i7 Extreme assemble computer most Xeons. During the process, if anything does not seem to fit or make sense, put the parts down and look things over carefully before you proceed.

Therefore, for these details, you should rely on the instructions that are provided with the CPU. The two things that go wrong the most often and most expensively minimum of a killed CPU, sometimes more in building one's own computer are both related to the CPU and its cooler: Switching the computer on "just to see if it works" before adding any CPU cooling unit.

Without cooling, CPUs heat up at extreme rates a CPU heats up anywhere between ten times and a thousand times as fast assemble computer a cooking area on your stove!

By the time you see the first display on the screen, your CPU will already be severely overheating and might be damaged beyond repair.


Mounting the CPU cooler improperly. Read the instructions that came with your CPU and cooler very carefully and ensure you are using all components in the correct order and assemble computer place.

Putting It All Together - How to Build Your Own PC |

If you buy a third party cooling solution for your CPU make sure you get one that is compatible with the CPU you have. After the CPU is installed in the socket and secured in place, it's time to add thermal paste and then install the cooler.

The plain metal back of the CPU, which is what you're now seeing, is exactly matched assemble computer the bottom plate of the cooler. You add thermal assemble computer only on the CPU, never on the cooler's surface.


Very little is needed. The two flat metallic surfaces will spread the paste between them, and it will spread a bit more when it becomes hot.

The cooler surface may have a protective assemble computer of film over it; don't forget to remove it. But see below assemble computer the possibility of "thermal pad" being supplied, instead of paste.

How to Build Your Own PC

This is rare nowadays, but read the instructions. A pea-sized dot is the amount usually advised, though some people make a thin "X" on the CPU surface, and some draw a line. There are numerous videos on Youtube advocating one or another, some with photos using glass plates.

Don't overdo -- you don't want paste squeezing out the edges. Some people suggest spreading paste over the whole surface, then assemble computer it off with a razor blade, then adding the pea. The idea is to close invisible imperfections in the metal.

This is probably overkill, and involves extra handling of the CPU, never a assemble computer idea.

Assemble computer not to touch the mating surfaces of the CPU and cooler -- the oils from your skin will impede heat transfer. You should receive a tube or applicator of thermal paste in the CPU or cooler package, some CPU coolers come assemble computer with thermal paste such as AMD's wraith cooleryou can optionally add your own to the CPU as extra or continue with the pre-applied assemble computer.

If your CPU didn't come with thermal paste and the cooler didn't have any pre-applied, thermal paste is readily available from most computer retailers.