Based on the New York Times bestseller Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. Don, a nineteen-year-old sophomore at a Texas junior college, tries to escape his. Blue Like Jazz has ratings and reviews. Seth said: I thought of several different ways in which to begin this review - several witty compari. "Blue Like Jazz" is a pleasant film, as well-intentioned as the character Don himself, but it ducks the thorniest questions of faith and dogma.


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Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality

So what did I like about the book? Blue Like Blue like jazz is built around a sound premise — that the Christian faith continues to be relevant even in a postmodern culture.


I agree entirely that the church can only be relevant to the culture if it maintains the centrality of the gospel and remains unashamed of that blue like jazz message. Unfortunately that gospel message becomes somewhat blurred in this book.

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The Bible, however, teaches that no person wants to be rescued. God needs to begin a prior work in order to draw people to Himself.

Blue Like Jazz - IMDb

Miller, on the other hand, teaches that there is something within us that draws God to us. When we acknowledge blue like jazz there is something inside of blue like jazz that draws God to us, we deny that it is His grace alone that saves us, for grace is, by definition, unmerited favor.

There is nothing in us that makes us worthy of God.

I thought that was beautiful because, while it is music, it is very hard to put on paper; it is so much more a language of the soul The first generation out of slavery invented jazz music.

It is blue like jazz music birthed out of freedom.

And that is the closest blue like jazz I know to Christian spirituality. A music birthed out of freedom. Everybody sings their song the way they feel it, everybody closes their eyes and lifts up their hands.

What this guy and Miller are doing is blue like jazz to make me relate to them, and then see that I need to take the same path they did, because if they couldn't find a way out of their problems emotional or intellectualthen how could I who am just like them.

I thought of Miller as the non-obtrusive Christian, but I think he really is just blue like jazz more subtle version of his friend. The non-obtrusive Christian I think just really liked that religious people were paying him to skateboard.

I remember one of the times we were talking to him he brought up evolution and Darwin, and started asking questions about what he had read in a book on Creationism and what Darwin really said about certain things.

I didn't know much about Darwin or Evolution, so I couldn't really answer him except with what I 'felt' was true', I think he was genuinely interested in finding out if what he blue like jazz being taught was true, or if it was bullshit.

Blue Like Jazz - Rotten Tomatoes

Blue like jazz down I don't think Miller really cares if what he believes is bullshit, he's just searching for things to prop up his belief structure. On Easter evening in my friend Mike I'm so tempted to call him Mike the Goth or fill him with some hyperbolic characteristics that would make him sound cooler than any person could really be, but I won't succumb to Miller's influence blue like jazz hanging out at an almost empty coffee shop in town when two guys about our age approached us.

At the time I was finely attuned to when someone was making an approach to hawk Jesus, in upstate New York it happened fairly often more on this a little laterin New York City it doesn't happen in the same way. Now this skill set can pick out someone making an approach asking for spare change.

Blue Like Jazz - Wikipedia

I don't know what Mike was wearing, probably something all black, or black with military pants. I know that I was wearing my Amebix t-shirt that had a guy crucified on the front, and 'No Gods, No Blue like jazz on the back.

I wore it because I was a shit who liked to passively get a rise out of people, and it was Easter--or Zombie Day as I had wittingly started calling the earlier in the day when Mike and I were heading to a store meeting at Kinko's.

So anyway there we were, and these two guys approach us, and the one starts talking to us, making small talk, and I go into shutdown mode, knowing what is coming.

Mike keeps answering the guys questions. The other guy who isn't doing much of the talking looks like blue like jazz is about to explode with excitement, he just wants to say something, and after a minute or two he just blurts out, "Hey, what do you think of Jesus?