What that means is that your yield-to-maturity is pretty much a moot point. What you're likely to see in the way of yield is yield-to-call. This amount is figured out. One of those is knocking down the 23 grazer dummies scattered throughout the Nora lands. In this guide, we'll show you where to go to find all. The Sporting Saint 'All in One' Rabbit Dummy This dummy has been designed to help accustom your dogs to picking up fur/game and for dogs to hold t.


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CHO Slang Centre-hand opponent, a derogatory or facetious term for one's partner, or partners generally.

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Chuck Slang An error in bidding or play, which was or might have been costly. Also used as a verb. Chunky A suit with enough honor strength to play well unaided by partner's cards but not solid is chunky. Normally said of four-card suits.

C all-in-one desk reference for dummies

AQJ10 is a chunky suit; AQ96 is not c all in one for dummies. Claim A statement by declarer about how the remaining unplayed tricks will be won or lost. Normally the claiming player exposes his hand and describes the sequence of play for the remaining tricks but such plays as finesses, unless already proven, are disallowed.

A claim is best made only when the play of the rest of the hand is obvious. Claims are often inadvisable: Clear a suit Knock out an opponent's high-card control of a suit, or unblock one's own high cards.

Closed hand Declarer's hand as distinct from the dummy, which is faced or open.

C All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Closed room In a team match, a room where two of the pairs compete, and in which spectators are not allowed. Coffeehousing Making improper remarks to mislead the opponents, or asking improper questions designed to suggest a defensive play. Cold A contract that a player cannot fail to make, even against the best defense, is cold.


Colors first A bidding approach where players indicate suits denominations before showing high card strength. For example, natural suit overcalls and natural one-level suit opening bids are usually "colors first.

A Michaels cue bid is usually "colors first," but a takeout double is usually more "values first. Combination play A line of c all in one for dummies that offers more than one chance to take additional tricks: Come-on A defensive signal that encourages partner to continue a suit, usually by means of the rank of the card used to follow suit.

A notrump overcall that shows a weak hand with a long suit, to which the overcaller can escape if doubled. Also known as Gardener 1NT. Communication The placement of the lead in one or the other of the two partnership handsso as to make a subsequent lead from the more advantageous hand, specifically the ability to place the lead in such hand.

The means of conveying a message to partner via c all in one for dummies bidding and by the card played to a trick. The only legal means of communication is through the calls and plays themselves, rather than through mannerisms such as tone of voice and hesitations.

Often generalized as communications in both senses. Comparative scoring The method of scoring used in matchpoint or Board-a-Match events.

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The metric used is not the number of points earned on a particular deal, as it is when using quantitative scoringbut the number of pairs that have been out-scored. Competitive auction C all in one for dummies bidding sequence which involves both partnerships.

Concession A statement by a player as to the number of remaining tricks that he must lose. Condone To act after an opponent's irregularity without arranging for the penalty specified in the Laws to be applied.