Taoismul (sau Daoism) este o filozofie și o religie originară în China, cu obîrșii incerte care se situeaza aproximativ în mileniul I În general, taoismul este. Civilizatia chineza - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Civilizatia Chineza in Epoca Antica China antică. Civilizația chineză a apărut în mileniul al III-lea pe văile fluviilor Huanghe și Yangtze.


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Calugarul si filozoful - Matthieu Ricard, Jean-Francois Revel - Google Книги

The other day one of my fellow graduate students, someone who has been studying Chinese for ten years or more, said to me "My research is really hampered by the fact that I still just can't read Chinese. It takes me hours to get through two or three pages, and I can't skim to save my life.

A teacher of mine once told me of a game he and a colleague would sometimes play: The contest involved pulling a book at random from the civilizatia chineza of the Chinese section of the Asia Library and then seeing who could be the first to figure out what the civilizatia chineza was about. Anyone who has spent time working in an East Asia collection can verify that this can indeed be a difficult enough task -- never mind reading the book in question.

This state of affairs is very disheartening for the student who is impatient to begin feasting on the vast riches civilizatia chineza Chinese literature, but must subsist on a bland diet of canned handouts, textbook examples, and carefully edited appetizers for the first few years.

The comparison with learning the usual western languages is striking. After about a year of studying French, I was able to read a lot.

  • Chinezul - Blog despre civilizaţia chineză: Why Chinese Is So Damn Hard

Civilizatia chineza was a lot of work but fairly painless; all I really needed was a good dictionary and a battered French grammar book I civilizatia chineza at a garage sale.

This kind of "sink or swim" approach just doesn't work in Chinese. At the end of three years of learning Chinese, I hadn't yet read a single complete novel.

I found it just too hard, impossibly slow, and unrewarding. Newspapers, too, were still too daunting.

I couldn't read an article without looking up about every tenth character, and it was not uncommon for me to scan the front page of the People's Daily and not be civilizatia chineza to completely decipher a single headline.

Someone at that time suggested I civilizatia chineza The Dream of the Red Chamber and gave me a nice three-volume edition. I just have to laugh.

It still sits on my shelf like a civilizatia chineza, smug Buddha, civilizatia chineza the first twenty or so pages filled with scribbled definitions and question marks, the rest crisp and virgin.

After six years of studying Chinese, I'm still not at a level where I can actually read it without an English translation to consult. By "read it", I mean, of course, "read it for pleasure".


I suppose if someone put a gun to my head and a dictionary in my hand, I could get through it. Simply diving into the vast pool of Chinese in the beginning is civilizatia chineza only foolhardy, it civilizatia chineza even be counterproductive.


As George Kennedy civilizatia chineza, "The difficulty of memorizing a Chinese ideograph as compared with the difficulty of learning a new word in a European language, is such that a rigid economy of mental effort is imperative. With the risk of drowning so great, the student is better advised to spend more time in the shallow end treading water before heading toward the deep end.

civilizatia chineza

As if all this weren't bad enough, another ridiculous aspect of the Chinese writing system is that there are two mercifully overlapping sets of characters: Any foreign student of Chinese is more or less forced to become familiar with both sets, since they are routinely exposed to textbooks and materials from both Chinas.

This linguistic camel's-back-breaking straw puts an absurd burden on the already absurdly burdened student of Chinese, who at this point would gladly trade places with Sisyphus.

But since Chinese people themselves are never equally proficient in both simplified and complex characters, there is absolutely no shame whatsoever in eventually concentrating on one set to the partial exclusion the other. In fact, there is absolutely no shame in giving up Chinese altogether, when you come right civilizatia chineza to civilizatia chineza.

Religia tradițională chineză

Because the language doesn't have the common sense to use an alphabet. To further explain why civilizatia chineza Chinese civilizatia chineza system is so hard in this respect, it might be a good idea to spell out no pun intended why that of English is so easy.


Imagine the kind of task faced by the average Chinese adult who decides to study English. What skills civilizatia chineza needed to master the writing system?