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History[ edit ] The Mexican Revolution and the — Constituent Congress[ edit ] Venustiano Carranzaleader of the victorious faction, convoked the elected body constitucion de 1817 draft the new constitution.

Carranza convoked a congress specifically to draft constitucion de 1817 new constitution. Carranza excluded the villista and zapatista factions from this congress; however, the demands and political threat of these factions pushed the delegates to adopt social demands not originally in Carranza's plan —i.

Its innovations were in expanding the Mexican state's power into the realms of economic nationalismpolitical nationalism, and protection of workers' rights.

Unlike the congresses that produced the Mexican Constitution and the Constitution over a lengthy period, the Constituent Congress produced the final draft in a matter of a few months, between November and Constitucion de 1817 Article incorporated its demands for the 8-hour day, minimum wage, hygienic working conditions, prohibitions on abuse of sharecroppers, payment of wages in cash, not scrip, banning of company storesand Sunday as an obligatory day of rest.

Requiring landowners to make all their land productive, and if left idle, subject to government expropriation; the granting constitucion de 1817 a fixed amount of land to anyone who asks for it, provided they bring it into production and not sell it. These included treating religious institutions as businesses and required to pay taxes; nationalization of religious institutions' real property; and the elimination of religious-run constitucion de 1817.

Carranza chose the site because it was where Emperor Maximilian of Mexico was executed, bringing to an end the French Intervention in Those who had been "hostile to the Constitutionalist Cause" were banned from participating, but voting was by universal manhood suffrage.

LA CONSTITUCION DE by Karen Hernandez on Prezi

The final draft was approved on 5 February The membership of the congress was not representative of all regions, classes, or political stripes in Mexico. The delegates were all Carrancistas, since the Constitutionalist faction had been constitucion de 1817 militarily.


However, that did not mean they were of one mind. Middle class professionals predominated, with lawyers, teachers, engineers, doctors, and journalists.

Constitution of Mexico - Wikipedia

Most senior generals constitucion de 1817 not participate directly in the congress. Some considered them tainted for their continuing to serve during Victoriano Huerta 's regime February July Although some had voted to accept Madero's forced constitucion de 1817 from the presidency, in a failed move to save his life, this group had blocked Huerta's moves in the legislature to the point that in October Huerta dissolved the congress and ruled as a dictator.


constitucion de 1817 Palavicini, and Luis Manuel Rojas, were now ready to serve in the Constituent Congress to draft the new constitution. There was opposition to them constitucion de 1817 other Carrancistas for their history of serving in the Huerta regime and those opponents attempted to block their being seated as delegates.

Carranza supported the Renovadores, saying he had instructed them to continue serving in Congress during the Huerta regime as a way to gather information about the regime and to block its attempts to act constitutionally.

This picture shows the Constituent Congress of swearing fealty to the newly created Constitution.


constitucion de 1817 Carranza himself presented a draft of the new constitution on 1 Decemberbut it "reflected little of the turmoil that had been going on for the past four years. It was indeed simply a rewording and reorganization of the Constitution of The most highly contentious discussions were over the articles dealing with education and with the Roman Catholic Church, while the more "revolutionary" articles on the state's power to expropriate and distribute resources Constitucion de 1817 27 and the rights of labor Article passed easily.