CCR > CURTEA CONSTITUȚIONALĂ > Bază legală > Constituţia României, republicată . Constitutional court. Legal basis. The Constitution of Romania. Republicată în temeiul art. III din Legea nr publicată în Monitorul Oficial al României, Partea I, nr. .. (1) din Constituţia României, republicată. Parlamentul Romaniei adopta prezenta lege. Art. 1 . (1), din Constitutia Romaniei, republicata, in sedinta comuna din data de 29 iunie


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Right to Information Article 31 1 No restriction shall be placed on the right for access to any information of public interest.

Legea nr. / privind libertatea religioasă și regimul general al cultelor -

They must guarantee the exercise of the right to broadcasting time for all significant social and political groups. The organisation of these services and parliamentary oversight of their activity are laid down by an organic law.

Right to Constitutia romaniei republicata Article 32 1 The right to education is ensured by compulsory general education, education in high schools and vocational schools, higher education, as well as other forms of instruction and post-graduate training courses.

Under the terms of the law, education may also be conducted in a foreign language constitutia romaniei republicata international use.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The State affords constitutia romaniei republicata grants for children or young persons whose family background is underprivileged, as well as for those institutionalised, subject to the law.

In public schools, religious education is organized and guaranteed by the law.


Constitutia romaniei republicata to Culture Article 33 1 Access to culture is guaranteed under the law. Right to Health Protection 1 The right to health protection is guaranteed.


Right to a Healthy Environment Article 35 1 The State recognizes everyone's right to a healthy, well preserved and ecologically balanced environment. The Right to Vote Article 36 1 Every citizen who has attained the age of 18 years up to or on the elections day has the constitutia romaniei republicata to vote.

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Right to Be Elected Article 37 1 Eligibility to stand in elections is granted to all citizens with voting rights who meet the requirements set out in Article 16 paragraph 3unless they are forbidden to join a political party in accordance with Article 40 paragraph 3.

Freedom of Assembly Article 39 Public meetings, processions, demonstrations or any other assembly shall be free and may be organized and held only peacefully, without any arms. Freedom of Association Article 40 1 Constitutia romaniei republicata may freely associate into political parties, trade unions, employers' associations, and other forms of association.

Everyone has a free choice of his profession, trade or occupation, as constitutia romaniei republicata as place of work.


These concern the employees' safety and health, conditions constitutia romaniei republicata work for women and young persons, the setting up of a minimum gross salary per economy, weekly rest periods, rest leave with pay, work performed under difficult and constitutia romaniei republicata conditions, training courses, as well as other specific conditions determined by law.

Prohibition of Forced Labour 1 Forced labour is prohibited. Right to Strike Article 43 1 Employees have the right to strike in defence of their professional, economic and social interests.

Right to Private Property Article 44 1 The right to property and to debts which incur on the State shall be guaranteed. The content and limits of these rights are established by law.


Constitutia romaniei republicata and stateless persons constitutia romaniei republicata acquire private ownership of lands only under the terms as may arise from Romania's accession to the European Union and from other international treaties to which Romania is a party, on a reciprocal basis, in accordance with an organic law, as well as by way of statutory inheritance.

Lawfulness of acquirement shall be presumed.

Economic Freedom Article 45 Anyone's free access to an economic activity, free enterprise and the exercise of such rights in accord with the law shall be guaranteed. Inheritance Right The right of inheritance is guaranteed. Standard of Living Article 47 1 The State must take measures for the economic development constitutia romaniei republicata social protection such as to ensure a decent constitutia romaniei republicata of living for its citizens.

Citizens also have the right to social assistance, according to the law.