Shek and Wong, who are brothers from China, take a ship to America to help build a railroad along with other Chinese laborers. Although the two endure harsh. About Coolies. Shek marvels at the new world as he and his brother, Little Wong, arrive in California. Along with hundreds of other workers, the. Author: Yin Illustrator: Chris Soentpiet Editor: Patricia Lee Gauch Gr 4 and up/Ages 8+ 40 pages/picture book 12"X 10" ISBN #hardcover.


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Based on my research, I have to make the costumes if necessary. I also act as the model's hairdresser and makeup artist. Once I have taken the photographs, I'll use it coolies by yin a tool to help me during the painting process. This order resembles much of my idol, whom I like to think of myself as coolies by yin incarnation of the infamous Norman Rockwell.

The brothers manage to stay together to see the completion of the transcontinental railroad and eventually settl Coolies, written by Yin and illustrated by Chris Soentpiet, is the story of two Chinese brothers, Shek and Wong, who leave their family in China to work in America as laborers for the transcontinental railroad.

The brothers manage to stay together to see the completion of the transcontinental railroad and eventually settle in San Francisco, CA and send for their family in China.


This story is made more accessible to students from the 21st Century because it is told coolies by yin the perspective of a family history story. The pictures of big scenes-the teeming shipyard, the crowded living quarters on the ship, a coolies by yin surrounded by snow-covered mountains, a busy San Francisco street-are striking and grand.

This is an important story,full of drama and emotion and it is here given its proper coolies by yin and tribute in both words and glorious art.

Perhaps it will encourage other grandparents to share their family history as well.

COOLIES by Yin , Chris K. Soentiept | Kirkus Reviews

The word "coolies" reflects this. The character for "coo" stands for bitter, but implies it is the taste of people who have experienced hardship and survived.

The character for "lies" means labor. Together the characters mean more than bitter labor, however; they imply that it is through laboring hard together that human beings coolies by yin adults.

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It is not surprising that the word "coolies" is regarded with respect by the Chinese people--there would not be a Great Wall of China without their bitter labor. This title will be provocative for adults as well as young people. This grandly-conceived and beautifully-illustrated oversize picture book merits praise and the widest possible readership.

It tells the epic tale of the role that unskilled Chinese laborers played in the building of our transcontinental railroad. Through the story of two young brothers, Shek and Wong, who leave Canton, China in the mid s because of a famine and their family's desperate need for money, we make the two-month crossing by ship to San Francisco, join them coolies by yin the grueling work of slamming sledgehammers into spikes to lay the rails, and feel coolies by yin loneliness and isolation as they are discriminated against and paid lower wages than white workers.

The text is simply and movingly written; the pictures are little short of breathtaking. Oversized virtuoso watercolors, they are teeming with people, with scenery, with the life of the camps, with the dangers of coolies by yin terrain.


Considered "coolies," a Chinese coolies by yin for the lowest of unskilled laborers, they were not even allowed to attend the celebration when Irish rail-layers from the East met the mostly Chinese workers from the West at Promontory Summit, Utah.

It is a gripping story, magnificently illustrated--a book not to be missed.


They came to America inlaboring to help build the transcontinental railroad from Sacramento to Omaha. The story also coolies by yin the hard life and dangers that Chinese workers faced during the construction of the railroad.

The excellent use of color and true to life facial expression earns the book honors in illustration. Show the students the cover of the book, read the title, author and illustrator's name. Coolies by Yinsketch to stretchsocial studiessocial studies teaching strategyteaching strategy for social studiestranscontinental railroadusing picture books to teach history This is a terrific story of how two young Chinese boys, Shek and Wong, come to America to earn money for their family.

They go coolies by yin work for the Central Pacific railroad company, work hard, have some adventures, and end up opening a shop in San Franciso.

There is some great information and wonderful pictures to build background — I would recommend this picture book to introduce or supplement your study of the Transcontinental Railroad.