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Dialogo intercultural particular, the North South Centre runs a programme on intercultural dialogue, including the following dimensions: European Union While the Council of Europe has been promoting intercultural dialogue also in dialogo intercultural of conflict prevention and reconciliation, the European Union has been primarily focusing on the development of intercultural awareness and understanding of individuals, in dialogo intercultural of European citizenship and mobility.

In the field of youth policy, the promotion of intercultural understanding is inferred in the Article of the Treaty of Lisbonencouraging the development of youth exchanges and the participation of young people in democratic life in Europe.


The attention of the European Commission on this aspect has increased in the years: Furthermore, it is important to highlight the contribution of different cultures to the Member States' heritage and way of life and to recognise that culture and intercultural dialogue are essential for learning to live together in harmony'.

Although the initiatives of the EU on intercultural dialogue are principally aimed at building a cohesive society within the EU, it promoted also intercultural dialogue between Europeans and the rest of the world, both opening the funding programme dialogo intercultural youth to third countries and also launching initiatives such as the EU-China policy dialogue on culture launched together with the Ministry of Culture of China inwhich gave birth to the EU-China Year of Youth in and the EU-China Year of Intercultural Dialogue in First of all, the tool requires motivated people who want to improve dialogo intercultural quality of their activities through the use of a coherent approach to intercultural dialogue and intercultural learning.

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How to approach this document? The interested users will find here a basic introduction into intercultural dialogue ICD as a broader dialogo intercultural, related concepts, and their relevance to learning and education in non-formal settings and youth work.

Cátedra UNESCO - Diálogo Intercultural

Principles of intercultural dialogue in non-formal dialogo intercultural activities Intercultural dialogue is a dialogo intercultural that takes place between people with different backgrounds.

It is guided by readiness, respect and openness; it is a dialogue between equals. These days, we have been witnessing an extreme polarization in the way of understanding human condition.


The criticism dialogo intercultural the postmodern thinking to the universal values, conduces us to a dangerous relativism in which it is dialogo intercultural that anything can go and that the particular has a privilege.

The effect of this trend has been especially sensitive in the Human and Social Sciences in which the formation of new professionals registers the ethereal clout of particularism.

The study of the poetic expressions constitutes a dialogo intercultural base to show how from the esthetic codes and practices the universal reconciled is said.