Download Citation on ResearchGate | An Analytical Study of Drill-String Vibration | Longitudinal and torsional vibrations in a drill string consisting of drill pipe. This paper presents a broad survey of the drillstring vibration modeling literature. The state-of-the-art of models for predicting axial, torsional and bending. Abstract Drill string vibrations can diminish the life of the pipe by accelerating the process of fatigue. Also excessive vibration can cause pipe failure, wash-outs.


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Drill String Vibration: How to Identify and Suppress - OnePetro

However, there is no report describing the vibration characteristics of the drill string with the measurement time series. The system stored drill string vibration data real time in drilling process, which could be play-backed after drilling.

Thus we can obtain the massive time series data of the drill bit vibration. Then we use time series analysis method to study dynamics of drill bit with measurement data.

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Data Acquisition The use of vibration measurements to detect bit and drill string dysfunctions in real time can drill string vibration drilling efficiency. We developed a real-time measurement system near the drilling bit and incorporated three-axis accelerometers arranged in three mutually orthogonal directions.

Chaotic Vibration Analysis of the Bottom Rotating Drill String

Figure 1 shows the installed structure of the downhole measurement system. The system is installed inside the central axis of the drill collar and distanced from drill bit around two meters. Part a is the schematic diagram of drill string mechanism. Part drill string vibration is the structure chart of mearsurement system, installed inside the central axis of the drill collar shown in red block.


Part drill string vibration indicates the install configuration of triaxial accelerometers; the signals will be stored in the memory chip; G is the acceleration of gravity. As shown in Figure 1, are, respectively, defined as survey signal of triaxial accelerometers on the axis; then the resultant acceleration drill string vibration defined as.

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The sensors measurement frequency is Hz. We used to express drill string vibration lateral vibration of the drilling bit and used to express the longitudinal drill string vibration of the drilling bit.

The acceleration of gravity will cause the bias of the time series; thus we use empirical mode decomposition EMD that is a detrending method and does not distort the shape of the spikes. Figure 2 shows the time series and spectral density estimation of the lateral vibration and longitudinal vibration.

The data has been extracted from the field tests.

The approach used for quantification of vibration-related risks was based on the indices used in geotechnical earthquake engineering to describe the destructive potential of seismic drill string vibration [ 83 — 8689 — 94 ].

Vibration intensity was used to objectively drill string vibration the intensity of shaking by measuring the acceleration of transient seismic waves as the time integral of the square of the ground acceleration.

An estimation of the average intensity of vibrations along the run was provided by power index [ 86 ].

Acceleration root square is determined by obtaining the root square value of the plain integral of drill string vibration squared acceleration [ 93 ]. Characteristic intensity was defined as a parameter related linearly to an index of structural damage due to maximum deformations and energy dissipation [ 84 ].

Real-time quantification of drill string failure risk is shown in Table 6.

Real-time quantification of drill string failure risk. A variety of control measures have been developed.

Shock and Vibration

Comprehensive induction and classification are discussed drill string vibration as the typical structure of key equipment, principles and core control methods, and representative results.

Comparative analysis and discussion of the key methods, the corresponding key control equipment and application ranges are carried out. Early control technologies belong to passive control.