The study intends to review the status of banned drugs in India. . Continued education (CE) is very important for pharmacists for updating and refreshing their  Missing: book ‎| ‎Must include: ‎book. Description: India Drug Index is a comprehensive information resource on drugs approved for use in India. The app extensively covers over + drug entries. - Buy Drug update september to dec drugs interacting with grapefruit current drugs medico topics (K27) book online at best prices in India on.


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In its two volumes Drug Today contains all the information drug update book india its readers need in an economical price. And also it gives details on list of manufactures with their contact details. The journal is useful to the pharmaceutical fraternity, hospitals, doctor, Nurses, medical College and other who are related to the health professionals.

A-Z Drug Index for Prescription and OTC Medications

This is the best journal where you can find all the updated medical formulation and new brands that are introduced in the pharma Market.

It also looks at the pharmacovigilance programs in UK and Drug update book india and provides implications for improving pharmacovigilance in India. All drugs single drug or fixed dose combinations banned in India from to were considered in this study.

The list of the medications was procured from the website of the central drugs standard control organization, Government of India[ 11 ].

Brand Index | DrugsUpdate India

An extensive review of the literature drug update book india done about the identified banned drugs for identifying the drug name generic and Brandsdrug class, pharmacological category usemanufacturer of the drug, year of introduction in the Indian market, date of ban in India, the reason for ban drug update book india its availability in India and in abroad.

We also document the common category of drugs banned, life span of the drug in the market. The search was conducted via databases such as PubMed, Scopus and Sciencedirect research articles, letter to the editor, editorials, commentaries and search engines such as Google and Google scholar online news papers, and online providers of health information and services to consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals.

Search terms indicating drug name generic and brand namedrug update book india use, manufacturer's name, reason for withdrawal from the market, year of introduction and withdrawal of the drug were used for researching individual drugs. Killer drugs still available in Indian market but banned in other countries: Table 2 shows some examples of medicines, which are banned in many countries but still available in India.

Many of them are over the counter drugs brands are available with changed formulation but same brand name. They are available without prescription so the general population is ignorant about the serious side effects.

Drug Updates | CIMS India

India has serious issues with use, availability and distribution of banned drugs[ 27 ]. The manufacturers take the aid of pending court cases and continue distribution until decision is made.

The answer to such unethical distribution and availability of banned drug may lie in the insufficient data about ADR and its reporting. TABLE 2 Open in a separate window Though each country has its own mechanism to ban and list banned drugs, it is worrisome that some drugs that are banned in other countries for proven adverse effects drug update book india still available in the Indian market and are profitable.


Things get further complicated due to issues such as self medication, since it is not monitored by physicians, and patients miss the important step of getting warned about the side effects of the drug and the subsequent ADR reporting if any, is unavailable.

There is lack of awareness about the safety issues associated with medications or about the discontinued nature of medications and the consequences upon their drug update book india in India. Medication safety programs in developed countries; United Kingdom UK: This body assures the safety, quality and efficacy of medicines as well as healthcare products.


drug update book india MHRA employs the prescription event-monitoring PEM scheme through which the MHRA identify and monitor the first 10 patients who receive a newly introduced drug in the market for any adverse drug events[ 28 ]. The general practitioner GP prescribes a newly introduced drug, which the patient takes to the pharmacist for dispensing.

The prescription information received by the pharmacist is passed on to the prescription pricing authority PPA.

A-Z Drug Information

This process helps gather patient exposure data and is continued till data of about 20 to 30 patients is collected. The prescriber is sent a Green Form 3 to 12 months after the prescription is written. This form requests the details of any events that may have occurred to the patient since the prescription was drug update book india.


The forms are made anonymous to preserve patient confidentiality. The events information on the forms provides the outcome data. The drug update book india of events and their incidences are then drug update book india, and may result in the generation of signals, hypotheses or the initiation of follow-up studies.

Thus, PEM in UK assists the pharmacovigilance agency with an assessment of a newly introduced drug in terms of its clinical outcomes and adverse events an uncontrolled real world environment[ 28 ].