Cucchi, Maurizio (editor), Dizionario della poesia italiana, Milan: Mondadori, Sanguineti, Edoardo (editor), Poesia del Novecento, Turin: Einaudi, Corollario. Poesie has 6 ratings and 0 reviews. Cinquantatré poesie scritte negli anni e in appendice una serie di Stravaganze. Corollario: [poesie ] (Italian Edition) [Edoardo Sanguineti] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.


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A key aim of the book is not merely to present the texts, but to provide tools for the reader to access them, whether through the elucidation of individual words and phrases or in terms of contextual information, edoardo sanguineti poesie orientation and interpretative keys notes are supplemented by extensive suggestions for further reading.

True, Buffoni also did edit edoardo sanguineti poesie works of 18th century Scottish poets Fergusson and Ramsay during the same period, but it was only in that our poet-translator translated a book of poetry by Keats: In fact, it was the s that saw Buffoni truly develop into the translator he became: In the following years, he would turn his hand to the 20th century, to Wilde 24and Heaney 25culminating in his Songs of Edoardo sanguineti poesie Indeed, if he translated often by commission during the s, his translations following Wilde were all by choice.

No longer forced to translate, Buffoni has spent the last twenty years translating lyric poetry most congenial to his poetic temperament, which would fit together in a structured whole i.

Thus let us now edoardo sanguineti poesie on to his specific translation ideology. Translation ideology To best grasp the difference in translation philosophies between Buffoni and older Italian poets, one name makes the difference: Anceschi, a follower, in his turn, of Antonio Banfi, sought to free the study of poetry from rigid a priori definitions.

Contrary to Croce, Anceschi held that poetry is defined, from individual work edoardo sanguineti poesie work, by looking at the system of relations structuring it.

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Poetry is not, as Croce argued, simply defined by what is poetry and what is not: This maxim would always hold true for Buffoni. Indeed, for our poet-translator, translations edoardo sanguineti poesie not photocopies of the source texts.

The focus, for Buffoni, is neither on an impossible reproduction of the original text nor a free adaptation.


I have been loyal to your poetic loftiness altezzabetraying you here and edoardo sanguineti poesie and here: I did it to remain the most loyal possible to your loftiness altezza.

This is what I say every evening to the poets alive and dead with whom I try to interweave edoardo sanguineti poesie dialogue In his prefaces to the anthologies he edited of Italian poetry in various languages, Buffoni expressly indicates what he considers a pernicious translation method.

We will treat them in order.

Modern Italian Poets: Translators of the Impossible - Jacob Blakesley - Google Kitaplar

For Buffoni, a poet must first find a rhythm: In the last analysis, rhythm and diction come from the same source: It is rhythm, which according to our poet-translator, allows us to resolve the apparent conflict between, for instance, an Italian poet with a quantitative meter translating a British poet with an accentual meter like Keats, Coleridge, or Byron.

We will point out specific instances of this, when Buffoni offsets edoardo sanguineti poesie, carving a new rhythm into edoardo sanguineti poesie translation, or changes meter entirely. The avant-text, which includes all of the materials and drafts for the final text, can be useful, as the poet-translator explains, in reflecting on the genesis of the poem.


Buffoni has on several occasions used such preparatory material in his translations — whether his versions of Bernard Edoardo sanguineti poesie, Eddy van Vliet 39or Seamus Heaney.

If, as we know, the target language is in always in a state of flux, at a particular moment of time, so is the source language, and, consequently, the source text.