Grab your camcorder! Here are some basic videography tips for shooting documentaries, news, reality TV and web video. Tips to Shoot Video Like a Professional Videographer. Shoot Steady Video. Produce Creative Shots. Practice Widescreen Videos. Avoid Unnecessary Zooms and Pans. Get Good Results When Shooting Outdoors. Prepare for Indoor Video Shooting. Position Lights for the Look You Want. Compose Creative Interviews. 15 Tips for Filming and Editing Marketing Videos. Create a Storyboard and/or Shooting Script. Use the Rule of Thirds. Avoid Conflicts Between Natural and Artificial Light. Manually Set Your Camera's White Balance. Avoid 'Spotlighting' Your Subject. Shoot Multiple Takes. Assemble the Rough Cut Before Working Out Any.


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Ford's great cinematography was so powerful for Welles that it led him to to create his own all time classic. And groundbreaking film lighting techniques. You are going filming tips be interacting with all of those department heads, and you are directly or indirectly in charge of all of them and their work.

This means always having a plan and executing it. Which means having and respecting storyboards and a shot list. Using the proper tools are cinematography techniques unto filming tips.

30 Cinematography Techniques & Tips You Didn’t Learn in Film School

Just like money, there is never enough. Top 10 Videography Tips 1. Steady Eddie - Keep the camera steady. If possible, use a tripod. In general, you want filming tips record at least: Filming tips the action in the frame speak for itself. You can either move the camera to get the best angle, move the subject in front of a good background or create a new background.

Tips for Filming | WITNESS Video Advocacy Training Guide

Ask yourself, does this background "support" this filming tips visually? Timelapse — time-lapse is one of the most visual and fun ways to capture an event or story. Before heading out for a shoot, think about whether the story could lend itself to a time-lapse filming tips.

Various video cameras these days are equipped with special time-lapse settings. You can always speed up the footage in filming tips later. Lighting — The same rules that apply to photography, apply to videography.

15 Tips for Filming and Editing Marketing Videos

To read more about shot filming tips, check out this great guide to line, shape, negative space, and other composition techniques. Lighting Few things will ruin a marketing video faster than a shot that is either too light or too dark. Avoid Conflicts Between Natural and Artificial Light When it comes to lighting in video, different kinds of light have different temperatures.

Again, this is a complex topic and filming tips easily warrant its own post, but for our purposes, all you need to know filming tips that mixing two light sources with different color temperatures will make for an unevenly lit shot. If you shoot indoors, avoid rooms with windows. In the image above, the shot on the left has a blue color cast caused by the natural temperature of the daylight in the shot.

The white balance of the shot on the right has been set correctly, capturing the true colors of the image. Many cameras have an auto-white balance feature, but I strongly recommend learning how to set it manually.

30 Best Cinematography Techniques & Tips You Didn’t Learn in Film School

This avoids relying on your camera to achieve a correctly color balanced shot. You can learn how to do this by referring to the instruction manual of your camera.

Intense primary light sources can blow out the brightness and contrast of your filming tips and cause unflattering reflections on your filming tips.