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Is there any way to "return" or "delete" an EPUB book when I'm done with it, before the expiration date? EPUB books need to be returned from whatever software it is you're using free library ebook read them.

In that case, you would return EPUB ebooks in the app. If you are using a PC and downloading ebooks using a Adobe Free library ebook Editions to mangage your ebooks, you can return them from within Digital Editions.


I hope this info helps. If not, click the Free library ebook Us at the top of this page and send us an email for more individualized help. Will I be able to use overdrive for ebooks?

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All Free Library cards have the same access to our resources. Jamie W - Philadelphia Tue, May 28, I am using a Chromebook now and am a novice at using the Cloud primarily, rather than a full hard drive for my files. I believe I need to be mindful of the size of the files I download on my download drive something like 9 KG.

How large is a typical adult ebook file--say, pages? Is it only useful if moving between devises? Can Free library ebook put a book on a Flash drive for free library ebook without downloading?

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Excited about the possibilities, but a bit confused. Brenda - Philadelphia Thu, August 01, Hello Brenda - thanks for writing and I'm glad to hear you're interested in our ebook services. An average file size for an ebook is free library ebook 1 MB.

However, since you indicated that you will be reading on your Chromebook, the best option for you might be to simply use Overdrive's in-browser Reader. Learn more about it and how to use it here: This will avoid any issues with file sizes and storage.

As to your other question, while you can technically save an free library ebook file to a flash drive there would be a host of issues surrounding the Digital Rights Management DRM on the file and your Adobe permissions if you moved it from one device to another.

It would likely be free library ebook to avoid that option. Try checking out and reading an ebook with in-browser reader and if you run into trouble contact us directly free library ebook Then next time you plug your Nook into your computer and synch to your Digital Editions, it will be removed from your eReader.

Here are instructions -- http: I don't work for the Free library, but I believe it depends on your device. For Kindle e-readers, you need to have the book on the device to access the notes menu.

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I know that Amazon keeps them in the cloud so that you will always have them if free library ebook get the book again, but it free library ebook look like you can review them unless the book is on the device.

More generally, I love that the library has embraced e-books. It allows them to maintain their mission while adapting to a more electronic younger generation. While the selection is huge, there are some more lesser-known books I'd like to see, but I realize that's probably in the hands of the publishers.

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Free library ebook there any way to find out my card number now so Free library ebook can access ebooks through the Overdrive app? I recently read that the 14 day borrowing period that began some months ago had been changed back to 21 days, but when I check out books, they're still being charged out at 14 days.

What is the current policy?