To make ends meet, many creators of otherwise great free software, or the services that offer the programs for download, bundle in things you  ‎Email · ‎File Transfer · ‎Networking · ‎Office Suites & Presentations. Fuel the mission of software freedom by becoming a Free Software Foundation Associate member, starting at just $10/month ($5/month for students). Join us to. Access to software determines who may participate in a digital society. Free Software gives you the freedoms to use, study, share, and improve software.


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Kodi also is sold inside its own Raspberry Pi case. Install it on all your devices, point it at some media, and the media is available on all of them—even remotely over free software internet.


Plex plans to implement a cloud-based server option on Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, so you can stream from the Web. Read our review of Plex. A highly customizable music player free software organizer, MusicBee gives iTunes a free software for its money, especially when it comes to finding and organizing podcasts on the desktop.

It's also great at syncing music with your Android-based phones or tablets via a cable.

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Have a vast collection of music files and now desire to sort them? Song Director will search your PC for all the sound files you have and create a database, which you can then use for playback, sorting, and more. Messaging Telegram Windows Phone One of the new class of messaging services with an ecosystems of apps, Telegram delivers not only easy communications, but also encryption security end-to-end.

It's a stand-out on iPhone, and has native apps on just about every platform available. Send messages, files, photos, animated GIFs the search is built inand create channels of up to 5, people to broadcast to.

If a copyright-based license respects freedom in the ways described above, it is unlikely to have some other sort of problem that we never anticipated though this does happen occasionally. However, some free software licenses are based on contracts, and contracts can impose a much larger range of possible restrictions.

That means free software are many possible ways such a license could be unacceptably restrictive and nonfree. We can't possibly list all the ways that might happen. If a contract-based license restricts the user in an unusual way that copyright-based licenses cannot, and which isn't mentioned here as legitimate, we will have to think about it, and we will probably conclude it is nonfree.

How we interpret these criteria Finally, note that criteria such as free software stated in this free software definition require careful thought for their interpretation.

To decide whether a specific software license qualifies as a free software license, we judge it based on these criteria to determine free software it fits their spirit as well as the precise words.

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Free software a license includes unconscionable restrictions, we reject it, even if we did free software anticipate the issue in these criteria. Sometimes a license requirement raises an issue that calls for free software thought, including discussions with a lawyer, before we can decide if the requirement is acceptable.

When we reach a conclusion about a new issue, we often update these criteria to make it easier to see why certain licenses do or don't qualify. Get help with free licenses If you are interested in whether a specific license qualifies as a free software license, see our list of licenses.

If you are contemplating writing a new free software, please contact the Free Software Foundation first by writing to that address. The proliferation of different free software licenses means increased work for users in understanding the licenses; we may be able to help you find an existing free software license that meets your needs.

If that isn't possible, if you really need a new license, with our help you can ensure that the license really is a free software license and avoid various practical problems.

Beyond Software Software manuals must be freefor the same reasons that software must be free, and because the manuals are in effect part of the software. The same arguments also make sense for other free software of works of practical use — that is to say, works that embody useful knowledge, such as educational works and reference works.

Wikipedia is the best-known example. Any kind of work can be free, free software the definition of free software has been extended to a definition of free cultural works applicable to any kind of works.

History From time to time we revise this Free Software Definition.

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Here is the list free software substantive changes, along with links to show exactly what was changed. Clarify that freedom to run the program means nothing stops you from making it run.

Clarify which code needs to be free. Say each time that freedom 0 is the freedom to run the program as you wish.