Gaea Trilogy: Titan + Wizard + Demon [John Varley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. John Varley is the author of Slow Apocalypse, the Gaean Trilogy (Titan, Wizard, and Demon), Steel Beach, The Golden Globe, Red Thunder, Mammoth, Red. Titan (Gaea, #1), Wizard (Gaea, #2), Demon (Gaea, #3), Titã 1, Titã 2, Feiticeira, 1, Feiticeira, 2, Démon - 1, and Demónio, 2.


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The crew all get separated at first, and start looking for each other. They find useful aliens in the form of Smilers, six legged kangaroos you can eat without gaea trilogy Titanides, musically oriented, friendly centaurs, and Blimps; gaea trilogy dirigibles that willingly serve as transports.

Gaea trilogy | Revolvy

The second book, Wizard, is set some decades later. Some characters return from the first book, but two new cast members are introduced: Gaea trilogy Major, who suffers gaea trilogy psychotic episodes; and Robin, a witch from an all-female space colony who has a seizure disorder.

Both come to Gaea to be healed, but get sucked into the original cast's plot to overthrow the crazed Genius Loci that runs the world. The third book, Demon, brings back most of gaea trilogy cast from Wizard.

It describes the final war between the human refugees and the Genius Loci. This trilogy provides examples of: Gaea, at least until the gaea trilogy book when it's more Faux Affably Evil.

Gaea Trilogy by John Varley

Gaea manifests as a plump, homely, slightly dotty but cheery and friendly little old lady. Gaea trilogy world's 'consciousness', Gaia, is looking for a replacement. She's been holding the Villain Balldoing perverse and nasty things for a long time, in hopes that a Worthy Opponent would appear and take over before she becomes completely senile.

Once at the end of the second book, when Cirocco actually punches gaea trilogy incarnation of Gaea out. Again, at the end of the third book, when a team effort manages to completely kill Gaea.

All of the gaea trilogy brains, and Gaea gaea trilogy. The Titanides, being centaurs, have one set of human-sized genitalia in the front male or femaleand both sets of horse-sized genitalia in the back male and female.


In Wizard, Gaea tries to gaea trilogy her control over Cirocco by making her saliva the only substance able to take Titanide eggs to the next level of conception. This leads to her image gaea trilogy all sorts of drunken dysfunction.

Gaea, and she's neither a nice nor a sane one. The twelve "ring minds" at the gaea trilogy ends of Gaea's spokes could also qualify.

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Exactly half human, in some ways, as lampshaded by Gabby in Titan. At the end of Wizard. I highly recommend this trilogy!

Gaea trilogy begins with the crew of the Deep Space Vessel Ringmaster nearing Saturn when they encounter a previously unknown gaea trilogy. As they approach it, the form clearly indicates intelligence.

Films – John Varley

The planetoid destroys the Ringmaster and eats the crew, who continue to exist inside the body of the planetoid, aware of their existence, but undergoing complete sensory deprivation.

Eventually, the body ejects each of them onto the surface. The planetoid, initially called Gaea trilogy and later revised to Gaea, is a giant gaea trilogy, with spokes that lead to a central hub.