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This turbine is based in an innovative concept of electrical generator superconductor patented by Tecnalia by generadores eolicos of which achieves reduce weight and diminish costs of the turbine.

The main aim of the project is to develop generadores eolicos concept of generator generadores eolicos the superconducting and cryogenic technologies associated. As it explains Ainhoa Pujana Goitia, member of the technical team of Suprapower, in will realizar a validation of the same, by means of a to scale reduced machine employing the superconducting and cryogenic elements key to scale real.

Ainhoa Pujana Goitia, member of the technical team of Suprapower.

Soluciones de energía renovables fiables, rentables y sostenibles

How it arose the idea? Exists a generadores eolicos need by part of the wind sector, especially the offshore, to attain an important reduction of costs.

For this, considers key the employment of aerogeneradores of upper power to the current. However, the generadores eolicos used nowadays in wind generators hardly will be able to generadores eolicos above the 10 MW because of the high weight and volume that would purchase the system of extraction equipment equipment of power.

Energía eólica en Uruguay

In this sense, the generadores eolicos of wind generator superconductor of Tecnalia answers to the demand of an generadores eolicos generator of big power, lighter that the conventional, to a competitive cost and conceived to work in some surroundings offshore.

Who participates in the project?

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The project is composed by a consortium of nueve partners led by Tecnalia. This consortium explains so much with companies like centres generadores eolicos European investigation with a lot of experience in the sectors of the superconductivity, the generadores eolicos, the wind and the surroundings offshore.

All the relative information to the project generadores eolicos his participants can consult in the following web www.

How long and economic means and humans have invested in this? Tecnalia carries working in the application generadores eolicos the superconductivity to wind generators from with a team of four people devoted to complete time and an important investment with own bottoms in this period.

Wind Blade Vertical Vawt - Aspa Generador Eolico Vertical | eBay

Like result of this work, in the year patented an wind generator superconductor of accionamiento direct EPTo1 see generadores eolicos 1 It appears 1: Concept of aerogenerador superconducting patented by Tecnalia. At present, this generator is developing in the frame of the project Suprapower that began in and whose ending is foreseen generadores eolicos finals of with the experimental validation of the concept.

It has a global budget of 5,4 million euros and a financials by part of the EU of 3,9 million euros. What is the superconducting technology?


The superconductivity is a state of the matter carente of electrical resistance in which some materials can generadores eolicos until times more generadores eolicos intensity that the copper for the same dimensions. This state comes determined by three critical magnitudes: These magnitudes define a critical surface that separates the superconducting phases and resistiva.

In what differentiates this wind turbine of a conventional?


The wind turbine considered in Suprapower is similar to a conventional save regarding the electrical generator. Like this, in Suprapower employs a synchronous generator of accionamiento direct and salient poles with coils of field generadores eolicos with superconducting strip of MgB2, in place of the copper that employs in the coils of the conventional machines.

Synchronous generator integrated superconductor in an wind turbine in the mar. I understand… The greater profit of the use of the superconductivity in rotary presses electrical machines is the capacity to generate high magnetic fields, with the consistent reduction of size and weight regarding a conventional machine of similar characteristic.

They generadores eolicos that the current electricity generators are difficult of scalar above some power.

Calaméo - Manual De Autoconstruccion De Generadores Eolicos Hugh Piggott

Which is his proposal in this sense? The problem roots in that, from one some power that we generadores eolicos like 10 MW, the current electricity generators reach such size and weight that does not do economically viable his utilisation in aerogeneradores.

What can contribute the generadores eolicos to reduce the dimensions of the aerogeneradores?