GPON FTTH network architecture is indeed reliable, scalable, and secure. It is a passive network, so there are no active components from the. Discover more about the Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), providing unprecedented bandwidth at a greater distance from a central office. GPON is the. GPON is a point-to-multipoint access network. Its main characteristic is the use of passive splitters in the fiber distribution network, enabling one single feeding fiber from the provider to serve multiple homes and small businesses.


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It offers a means to support RF technologies in locations where only fiber is available or where copper is not permitted gpon network feasible. Alternatively the wavelengths can be used collectively through statistical multiplexing to provide efficient wavelength utilization gpon network lower delays experienced by the ONUs.

PONs provide higher bandwidth than traditional copper based access networks. High cost of initial gpon network, the cost of the WDM components.


Temperature control is another challenge because of how wavelengths tend to drift with environmental temperatures. Work by Davey and Payne at BT showed that significant cost savings could be made by reducing the electronic equipment and real-estate required at the local exchange or wire center.

For the downstream transmission, the OLT broadcasts optical signal to all the ONUs in continuous mode CMthat is, gpon network downstream channel always has optical data signal.

Use of CM would result in all of the gpon network transmitted from the ONUs converging with attenuation into one gpon network by the power splitter serving as power couplerand overlapping.

To solve this problem, burst mode BM transmission is adopted for upstream channel.

Passive optical network - Wikipedia

The given ONU only transmits optical packet when it is allocated a time slot and it needs to transmit, and all the ONUs share the upstream channel in the time division multiplexing TDM mode.

In order to compensate the phase variation and amplitude variation in a short time for example within 40 ns for GPON [13]gpon network mode clock and data recovery BM-CDR and burst mode amplifier for example burst mode TIA need to be employed, respectively. Furthermore, the BM transmission mode requires the transmitter to work in burst mode.

Such gpon network burst mode transmitter is able to turn on gpon network off in short time. The above three kinds of circuitries in PON are quite different from their counterparts in the point-to-point continuous mode optical communication link.

Overview of GPON Technology |

Fiber to the premises[ edit ] Main article: Fiber to the x Passive optical networks do not use electrically powered components to split the signal. Instead, the signal is distributed using beam splitters.

Each splitter typically splits the signal from a single gpon network into 16, 32, or up to fibers, depending on the manufacturer, and several splitters can be aggregated in a single cabinet.

Gpon network beam splitter cannot provide any switching or buffering capabilities and doesn't use any power supply; the resulting connection is called a point-to-multipoint link.

For such a connection, the optical network terminals on the customer's end must perform some special functions which would not otherwise be required. For example, due to the absence of switching, each signal leaving the central office must be gpon network to all users served by gpon network splitter including to those for whom the signal is not intended.

This high bandwidth, power saving, green technology is gpon network a wide range of businesses and government agencies.

Including mining accommodation camps, hotels and multi-dwelling gpon network, campus-style building layouts, retirement villages, residential and commercial developments, corporate and high rise gpon network. How does GPON technology work? By using passive splitters GPON enables one single fibre to do what multiple fibres used to… giving the end user the ability to consolidate multiple services onto a single fibre data network.

Gpon network is also totally scalable without the need to recable the network.


Systems can be gpon network up to many thousands of users with multiple OLT chassis. This transmission can reach up gpon network 20 km starting from the central office running to the user.

With GPON transmitting downstream in a broadcast manner and upstream in a TDMA time division multiple access manner, different bit rates are possible with 1.


To see how security is important in this data transmission, click here.