For Muslim travelers to Seoul, here's an ultimate list of halal restaurants as well as restaurants that serve Korean dishes of halal standards and are acceptable. Best Halal Restaurants in Seoul: See TripAdvisor traveler reviews of Halal Restaurants in Seoul. We've rounded up the best halal restaurants you have to visit when in Korea!


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Halal Kitchen also allows its guests to order ahead before arriving at the restaurant.

  • Finding halal food in South Korea is a tall order
  • 8 Halal Food Places In Seoul For Meat And Tteokbokki Feasts With Your Squad
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The most popular items on the menu are the ttukbulgui stone bowl veggie meat and the bulgui deopbap veggie meat rice. Food is presented beautifully and warm, so opting for something soupy during the cold weather is highly encouraged!

It is also located along the road that leads up to Seoul Central Halal food in korea.


So, after a day of exploring Seoul, bring your hungry stomachs to Murree Muslim Food. Murree Muslim Food Address: Kebab A post shared by Mr.

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No sweat, because the Turkish fast food chain, Mr. Kebab, will be your next romance! Kebab is halal food in korea halal fast-food chain in Korea and has a few outlets located around Itaewon. Apart from that, they also offer a delivery service as well.

They are known for their chicken and lamb kebabs, which people form queues for. Sorry to break your bubble but this place has no relation or whatsoever to the Queen halal food in korea K-pop. They specialise in dosirak lunch boxesso you can choose to dine-in or have your meal to go.

Their food is much cheaper as compared to other halal restaurants. We decided to go with both chilli and soy flavours. I was sad that it was underwhelming, the soy-flavoured ones were their saving grace.

Halal & Muslim Friendly Restaurants in Seoul

The ramen noodles paired well with the sauce which was slightly sweet and spicy. Wed-Sun 12pm to 9pm Tel: Hidden in an alley of the halal food in korea street lies Busan Jib. Even though they serve mainly seafood, we went for the cheaper alternatives instead. It came with slices of beef, fried egg, chopped seaweed, carrots, tau gey, seasoned fish cakes, and a dollop of gochujang sauce.

Give it a good mix and remember to halal food in korea it with kimchi, which makes everything tastes better.

Best Halal Restaurants in Seoul, South Korea

The soup came with the umami flavour of the slices of abalone. The hot, savoury, and spicy halal food in korea was so comforting, I felt like every cell of my body was defrosting.

Daily 10am to 10pm Tel: Croissant Taiyaki As someone with a sweet tooth, I am constantly in need of my glucose fix.

I was ecstatic when I came across a Croissant Taiyaki food cart among the streets of Myeongdong.