This item:The Life of Muhammad by I. Ishaq Hardcover $ In Stock. Ibn Ishaq (Arabic meaning "the son of Isaac) was a Muslim historian who died in Abu Muhammad `Abdu'l-Malik ibn Hisham the Grammarian said: This is the book of the biography of the apostle of Allah. Muhammad was the son of `Abdullah. After half a century, Ibn Hisham rewrote this biography through one person, Ziyad . commentary called Kashf al-Lithânı fi Sharfi Sirat Ibn Hishim. There were.


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The present life of Ibn hisham seerah is by the earliest biographer whose work has survived. Ibn hisham seerah copy of Ibn Ishaq's biography in its original form is now in existence, but it was extensively quarried by Ibn Hisharn died AH or Much of the material used was left in the original words and in whole sections, so that Ibn Hisham's work can best be described as an edited version of the original biography, with interpolations by the editor.

Ishaq's work is not a biography in the modern sense, but more a compilation of anecdotes and traditions collected by him and arranged in chronological periods.


Collected within a century of the prophet's death, it bears the stamp of authenticity, though again not in a modern sense. The ibn hisham seerah is always present and is given the same weight as mundane descriptions of the prophet's actions. Because tales of miracles may ibn hisham seerah unacceptable today, this does not mean that other parts of the biography are untrustworthy.

The facts are there, and the miraculous is that essential embroidery of faith which the life of no religious leader - from Christ to the Buddha - is without. The translation which follows is the first known English version of Ibn Ishaq's biography, and is here published for the first time.

Ibn Hisham - Wikipedia

The translator, Edward Rehatsek, was born in Hungary in ibn hisham seerah died in Bombay in He arrived in Ibn hisham seerah in and spent a number of years in research upon oriental subjects.

He later became professor of mathematics and Latin at Wilson College, Bombay, from which position he retired in Rehatsek lived the life of a recluse, working upon his translations from Arabic and many other languages.

Ibn hisham seerah his death, his body was burned in the Hindu manner, the first European, it is said, to be cremated in India.

The manuscript of the translation was completed just before his death and was presented to the Royal Asiatic Society, London, by F.


Arbuthnot, the Islamic scholar, in This edition is published by courtesy of the Society. The original work is extremely ibn hisham seerah, over a thousand pages of the translator's small yet clear handwriting.

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Rehatsek produced an almost literal translation and it suffers somewhat from scholarly pedanticism. In preparing this edition for publication, I have kept one main aim in view - to present the earliest extant life of Muhammad in a form, and at a length, acceptable to the general reader.

To do this it has been necessary to cut the text as ibn hisham seerah as to make some rearrangement in the interests of orderly chronology.

I have inserted linking passages, printed in italic, where the text seems to require it. Generally speaking, those parts which have been excised have been repetitions of events, long lists of names, confusing accounts of minor ibn hisham seerah, and a large quantity of verse.

Some errors ibn hisham seerah been corrected and verbal infelicities removed. The transliteration of Arabic names is ibn hisham seerah something of a problem in books intended for the reader who has no knowledge of Eastern languages. In this instance I have omitted all diacritical marks, believing it preferable for the reader to mispronounce the words rather than be prevented from pronouncing them at all by the intrusion of apostrophes and other symbols.