The Indian Forest Act, was enacted to 'consolidate the law related to forest, the transit of forest produce, and the duty liable on timber and other forest. The Indian Forest Act, was largely based on previous Indian Forest Acts implemented under the British. The most famous one was the Indian Forest Act of  ‎History · ‎Reserved Forest. The State Governments levied transit fees on forest produce under the Indian Forests Act, ( Act) which was challenged by the.


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It will help in enhancing agricultural income of farmers and tribals, especially in north-east and central India. It will encourage farmers to take up plantation or block plantation of suitable bamboo species on degraded indian forest act 1927, in addition to plantation on agricultural land and other private lands under agroforestry mission.


It will also indian forest act 1927 supply of raw material to traditional craftsmen of rural India, bamboo based paper and pulp industries, furniture making units, indian forest act 1927 industries, fabric making units, incense stick making units.

Power to arrest without warrant Power to release on a bond a person arrested Power to prevent commission of offence Power to try offences summarily 67A.

Appointment of forest Magistrate Further, incidental encroachment of one legislation with another is not forbidden in the constitutional scheme of distribution of legislative powers.

Indian Forest Act : Latest Current Affairs and News - Current Affairs Today

Any indian forest act 1927 moving within or from outside or outside the State which has originated in a forest requires a transit pass for transiting in the State of UP.

Indian forest act 1927, any goods which did not originate in forest whether situated in the State of UP or outside the State but is only passing through a forest area may not be forest produce answering the description of forest produce within the meaning of Section 2 iv b The term 'found in' in Section 2 iv b of the Act refers to things growing in a forest like timber trees, fuel trees, fruits, flowers etc.

The expression 'brought from' also alludes to the source of the thing so brought being within the area of a forest. If the processing of forest produce does not indian forest act 1927 in bringing out a new commodity but preserves the same and renders it fit for markets, it does not change its character hence, it remains forest produce.

The Third Amendment dated 9 September to indian forest act 1927 Rules could have been resorted to for realising the Transit Fee even in the wake of indian forest act 1927 Fourth and the Fifth Amendment having been declared to be invalid by the High Court.

In fact, the Supreme Court in the interim order dated 29 October had expressly directed that the State shall be free to recover Transit Fee for forest produce removed from within the State of UP at the rate stipulated in the Third Amendment to the Rules.

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  • Indian Forest Act, 1927.

The increase in transit fee was excessive and the character of the fee changed from simple regulatory fee to a fee which was for raising revenue. There was no maximum indian forest act 1927 in the Fifth Amendment to the Rules although a minimum fee was prescribed.


Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The act also provides for issuing notification regarding indian forest act 1927 of forest settlement officer to adjudicate rights and granting permissions for activities and claims.

Section 28 provides for assigning rights of indian forest act 1927 forests or protected forests or any forest belonging to the state government to any village community and provisions relating to reserved forest, protected forest or forest belonging to the government shall apply.

The Indian Forest Act, – A Summary | Environment and Waste Management

Such forests are called village forests. This Act is one curtailing proprietary rights of individuals and so the Act and the notifications issued under it must be construed strictly where the rights of individuals are trenched upon.

Penal Provisions Any person commits any of the following offences, namely: Contrary to any prohibition under Section 30, quarries any stone or burns any lime or charcoal, or collects, subjects to any manufacturing process, or removes, any forest produce.