Ireke Onibudo, at the National Arts Theatre appraises the production against the background of the development of the stage performing art in. One of his most popular works was "Ireke Onibudo" of the famous D.O. Fagunwa novel written in the s, which he made into a movie. CBN Advert. IREKE ONIBUDO . Film details. Director. Tunde Alabi Hundeyin. Country. Nigeria. Year. Genre. Drama. Type. Film. Category. Fiction. Cast &.


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With him, we can also standup and announce that we are also partof the ancient heritage that first gavemeaning to humanity. Speaking at a ireke onibudo briefing before theformal presentation of the plays, Osofisan,an experienced hand in ireke onibudo management,administration and teaching, said the involvementof Chams plc has helped revive morale amongstthespians.


Theatre often involves many other aspects ofthe arts, from music through choreography andinto fields such as costuming. Osofisan said thatby sponsoring these major ireke onibudo, Chams hadprovided employment for the cast and crew overmany months.

Unrated For as long as we can remember, we have allowed those basic values of art and culture to die; stage play being one of them. Have you ever wondered why as a parent you ireke onibudo struck by nostalgia each time you visit your country home?

Literature Of The Month | Ireke Onibudo

Have you paused to ask why some of our brothers abroad prefer to speak with us in our native tongue rather than in English? The answer is ireke onibudo farfetched; we value ourselves at a distance.


My brother in-law was on yahoo chat with my wife a few days ago and in ireke onibudo the three-paged dialogue, hardly did I see a ireke onibudo sentence in English language.

Beyond that, it was obvious he found relish in Yoruba proverbs and idiomatic expressions. Gbenga has lived in South Africa for five years now. Dele, while in Nigeria spoke through his nose; it amazes than amuses my wife that her oga desires so much the feel of being a Nigerian with the spontaneity at which he infused Yoruba language in their phone conversations.

Akin Ogungbe

You may not understand how far away you are from your culture until you take out time to see a stage play. I did, and it was mind blowing. Have you heard about the young lady called Nneka Egbuna? But that is not ireke onibudo story.

Akin Ogungbe - Wikipedia

Nneka, half Nigerian-half German, used to think she was white skin until she left the shores of Nigeria. Today her music is for the emancipation of the black man, not only from colour bar, but of the glorious abundance of life, wisdom, and riches deposited by God ireke onibudo the soil and airspace of the black continent.

That young girl is nothing ireke onibudo of a black activist as a victim of colour bar. But here we are neglecting our heritage out of ignorance, and our leaders out ireke onibudo insensitivity have refused to promote those values that stand us out.

Amidst the oddity, one corporate organisation has identified with the vision of rebranding Nigeria in the real sense by choosing not only to encourage the impoverished stage actors by engaging them for half a year but also enlivening the theatre tradition as a new leisure for children of school age.

This year, perhaps like never before, it is the story of this extraordinary adventure of the Sugarcane Man called Ireke Onibudo by the same author. It gladdens my heart to know that Chams is sponsoring this unique experience as a strategic intervention and contribution to the rejuvenation of the Arts and stage culture in Nigeria.

It is thoughtful that it sees Corporate Social Responsibility initiative as also a means of promoting our culture and re-orientating Nigerians to the values that we hold dear.

The taste ireke onibudo the pudding ireke onibudo in the eating. As I savour the expertise of Prof Femi Osofisan in bringing this complex plot to stage and the exquisite delivery of the cast, I glance across my shoulder to acknowledge if my Igbo ireke onibudo was in the same reverie with me.

ireke onibudo He looked more excited. I told him what he was missing in the area of the music lyrics.

But he said to me that the rhythm was complimentary enough to the ireke onibudo. Only then did I know that even I had undermined the power of drama as a universal language. The beauty of the road show for Ireke Onibudo which started yesterday is that although it will be presented in Yoruba and English languages, there will be two different stories entirely ireke onibudo a single theme, as Prof Femi Osofisan and Prof.

Akinwunmi Isola, playwright the English and Yoruba languages adaptation respectively; it is only imaginable that interpretation, style, comic relief, suspense, folk song, costume, choreography, and other dramatic elements will make for separate savouring.

Evans Brothers (Nigeria Publishers) Limited | Ireke Onibudo

The company is extending the number of shows ireke onibudo seven, which it had last year, to eleven this year in response to popular demand. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that the sponsors will also be taking the Chams Theatre Series to schools,s allowing for students from selected schools in four cities to join adults to experience the thrill of live theatre from the D.

Children drawn from schools across Lagos also saw the English adaptation on Monday, November 9 at ireke onibudo same venue.