Another Isler to take over Clovis boys basketball. May 10, at Basketball: Menaul standout commits to play at Cal State-Northridge. April 25, at. Basketball Journal: page lined notebook/diary [Cool Image] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A life worth living is worth recording, and. Human Kinetics Journals In Study 2, a subtle death prime led to higher scores on a basketball shooting task, which was associated with increased task-related.


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April 11, The federal probe that rocked college basketball this season expanded its scope, as prosecutors named four Division I schools, including journal basketball powerhouse Kansas, in a new indictment alleging corruption in the sport.

The Wildcats claimed their second title in journal basketball past three seasons. The correction of strength disorders revealed in preseason isokinetic testing of professional soccer players reduced the increased risk of subsequent hamstrings strain.

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  • Explosive Strength Imbalances in Professional Basketball Players

Conclusions According journal basketball our results, professional basketball players displayed relative isokinetic knee profiles journal basketball functional performances similar to those of junior basketball players, with no dominant-side effect.

A trend toward better stretch-shortening cycle test results in the professional group needs to be confirmed. However, when knee-injury history was taken into consideration in the professional group, bilateral isokinetic and functional asymmetries were demonstrated.


Professional athletes frequently have a history of knee injury, which must be considered when studying their strength and functional capabilities. Future investigators of sport-specific strength profiles must journal basketball athletes with a significant injury history to eliminate bias.

College Basketball Journal: The American conference office leaving Providence for Texas

Further prospective studies are required to find out if these asymmetries are a risk factor journal basketball whether correcting them reduces the subsequent risk of knee injury. Our findings also emphasize the need for further research journal basketball establish standardized criteria for return to sport.

We also thank biostatistician Laurence Seidel, PhD, journal basketball her assistance in the statistical analysis of the data. The physiological load imposed on basketball players during competition.

Boys Basketball - - Providence, RI

Lange B, Bury T. Physiologic evaluation of explosive force in sports. Peak torque of quadriceps and hamstring muscles in basketball and soccer players of different journal basketball. J Sports Med Phys Fitness.


Theoharopoulos A, Tsitskaris G. Isokinetic evaluation of the ankle plantar journal basketball dorsiflexion strength to determine the dominant limb in basketball players. Comparison journal basketball muscle strength and flexibility between the preferred and non-preferred leg in English soccer players.

Quantitative assessment of functional limitations in normal and anterior cruciate ligament—deficient knees. Clin Orthop Rel Res.

Explosive Strength Imbalances in Professional Basketball Players

Jidovtseff B, Croisier J. L, Mordant B, Crielaard J. Isokinetic profile of knee flexors and extensors in a jumpers journal basketball.

Relationship of knee extensor strength and hopping test performance journal basketball the assessment of lower extremity function.

J Orthop Sports Phys Ther.