Chattopadhyay, B. ( []) Kamala Kanter Daftar (in Bengali). Calcutta: United Publishers. Chaudhuri, B. (a) 'Agrarian Relations: Eastern India'. leaders of national movement - brilliance college - durgesh nandini, chandra sekhar, vish vriksha. his famous book kamala kanter daftar. “Kamalakanter Daftar” [Kamalakanta's Office]. In Bankim Racanabali, — Chattopadhyay, Bhabatosh. Sarat Sahityer Svarap [The True Face of Sharat's.


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The militant nationalists of Bengal were profoundly influenced by the national- cultural project as propounded by Bankim.

They made it a supreme task to imbibe the qualities which lay inherent in kamalakanter daftar cultural ideal as preached by Bankim.

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Thus the notion of moral right was invoked by the militant nationalists in the context of colonial rule in the country. Their nationalism was not of an European type, they did not aspire political liberty for the sake of political self-assertion or aggrandizement, but they aspired for it because it was their moral right to live as free men, which the British rule denied to them.

As the latter had established their rule over India by force, the notion of rightful self-defence and just war was invoked by the militant nationalists as well to wage a war against the former which was moral and imperative to end the perennial subservience of the Indian people to foreign rule.

The militant nationalists believed that if they shrank from this just war it would be grave immorality. Invoking the notion of ahimsa in the colonial context, the militant nationalists believed that to use violence against the organized oppression of the colonial state would not be immoral, on the contrary it was their highest moral duty.

In an essay entitled Dharmatattva: Anushilan, Bankim explained that man has certain faculties, the proper anusilan or kamalakanter daftar of which is a religious kamalakanter daftar.

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The physical faculty comes first, for, among other things, a weak man can neither protect himself nor defend his country. Everyone should therefore practice wrestling, riding, swimming, and even learn kamalakanter daftar use of firearms in disregard of the Arms Act.

One must not eat more than he needs and must also conquer sensual desires. The members of the Dhaka Anushilan Samiti, meticulously tried to live kamalakanter daftar to the anusilan ideal; the Samiti at Dhaka acquired a half-military, half-monastic character.

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All members of the Samiti including the Samiti in Bakarganj were required to make strenuous physical and mental efforts to prepare themselves for patriotic work.

They had to be able to bear fatigue, exposure, and privations in food and sleep and to develop strength through celdiaries in which they were to note their daily progress in the conquest of various vices.

Arun Chandra Guha informs us, kamalakanter daftar physical culture including wrestling, lathi, sword play and boxing formed the preliminary training for physical fitness for the young recruits of the society. The latter were asked to go alone to the cremation or burial ground at midnight, particularly on amabashya new moon night, so kamalakanter daftar they might conquer fear.

They were also asked to nurse patients kamalakanter daftar from cholera which was a highly contagious disease.


During epidemics when the entire population remained terror-stricken due the outbreak of cholera, the young members of kamalakanter daftar Barisal Party nursed and took care of the patients which involved great personal risk as kamalakanter daftar.

Such acts also helped to develop courage among the members of the group. A vow of austerity and celibacy was also compulsory for the members.

Bare feet, bare body, no combing of hair, washing their own clothes, austere but strength-giving food like gram soaked in water and nuts were recommended for kamalakanter daftar members. The members were made to take sweets like rasagolla and rabri in the mouth for a few minutes and then spit them out.

The married young men were enjoined to live kamalakanter daftar from their wives.

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The whole idea behind such practices was kamalakanter daftar the members of the group would be above fear, above sensual desires, above any desire for luxury and comfort; at the same time they had to be kamalakanter daftar strong and persevering in the discharge of their duties undertaken on behalf of the group.

The militant nationalists of Bakarganj like the members of other secret societies in Bengal practiced the qualities which were prescribed by Bankim in the creation of the national-cultural ideal.


By anushilan or cultivation of the moral and physical virtues, as propounded by Bankim, they tried to reach near the national-cultural ideal of the complete and perfect man as much as possible of course, it kamalakanter daftar be admitted that perhaps only a few could imbibe the virtues in character as Krishna possessed.

They did so, as they believed that it would re-equip them culturally to overcome the superior culture of the British rulers, which would eventually enable the people of the nation kamalakanter daftar had to follow a rigorous daily routine and keep achieve liberation kamalakanter daftar foreign rule.

So impressed were the leaders of the Calcutta and Dhaka Anushilan Samiti by the national-cultural project of Anushilan, that they named their organizations Anushilan Samiti. The militant nationalist movement in Kamalakanter daftar thus came to be characterized kamalakanter daftar the development of moral as well as physical prowess.

The moral tone of the oaths of the Dhaka Anushilan Samiti was also influenced by the Anandamath vow: After Bankim came Swami Vivekananda