As we confront growing challenges, effective leadership will matter more than ever. But what constitutes good leadership? New research points to the skills the. Leadership in 21st Century Organizations from Copenhagen Business School. Meet Jim Barton, the new CEO of Santa Monica Aerospace. Jim's job won't be. In the 21st century the most successful leaders will focus on sustaining superior performance by aligning people around mission and values and empowering leaders at all levels, while concentrating on serving customers and collaborating throughout the organization.


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What is 21st Century Leadership? | Saint Mary's College

While these types of investments are important and should be made, the organizational structure and culture has to be one that empowers leaders. One that encourages people to take charge, attempt to lead, make mistakes and constantly learn.

Many newer companies and start-ups aren't burdened by the old ways of thinking and operating like organizations founded fifty years ago. That said, many companies that have been around a long time have seen the leadership in 21st century and are leading major transformations that improve culture, performance and leadership structure.

The big ego bosses and dictators with an underserved sense of self-worth are finding it harder to exist in these new environments.

Leading in the 21st century

A few degree reviews and peer evaluations can fix that really quickly. The younger generations in the workplace today aren't afraid to "share" their opinion.


Especially when it's anonymous. And frankly, leaders and managers with that mindset aren't good for any organization.

10 Principles of 21st Century Leadership • Leadership Thoughts Blog

During SEAL training, peer reviews are a weekly event. We have a process called "top five, bottom five.

Much of the time, those landing in the bottom five are star performers - from a tactical or physical standpoint. But they have character or ego problems.

These classmates are organically purged. This system roots those issues out before a student ever gets close to graduating.

Leading in the 21st century | McKinsey

It's one of the many ways we protect our culture. Nothing I have seen points to the fact that organizations will revert back to the old way of doing things - larger than life CEOs who single-handedly make a company great, thick layers of overpaid middle management, over-managed and under-led departments, and structures leadership in 21st century designed to develop leaders.

Systems and cultures designed to develop new leaders and truly empower them is the key to success in any 21st century organization.

  • 10 Principles of 21st Century Leadership
  • Leading in an age of upheaval

The upside is almost endless. More people leading at a lower payroll cost. More people who feel connected to their work that are inspired by those around them.


By the time these have merged into a gigantic river pouring into the ocean they have become leadership in 21st century unstoppable force. Healthcare needs to turn its gaze towards these highlands: Find the upstream in your business and intervene there.

If we continue to intervene as the river pours into the ocean we will eventually and inevitably be swept out to sea. Innovative Not Administrative A leader can be in power or in office.