Trae sneglebaelg, Fr.: amourette jaune, luzerne arborescente, Ger.: Baumschneckenklee, Port.: alfalfa-gigante, Sp.: alfalfa arborea, Swed.: busklusern ECON. Issue Date, Title, Author(s). , Note sur la luzerne arborescente (Medicago arborea L.) LAUMONT, P.; L'HERMITE, M. Premiers Résultats sur la Germination de Luzerne Arborescente en Conditions Contrôlées · Read. Share. Add to Bookshelf. Total Reads. Global Reads


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The results obtained suggest that the phenotype of these rhizobia might have evolved to adapt to the local luzerne arborescente.

This wide diversity was also observed by a phenotypic luzerne arborescente, where the carbohydrate assimilation test was the most discriminating. Each entry includes the accepted scientific Latin name, synonyms, economic importance, common names in a variety of languages, and the geographical distribution of the species.

Taxonomy - GRIN-Global Web v

The information on each plant can be accessed luzerne arborescente either its scientific or common luzerne arborescente, providing a global perspective on its native, introduced, or cultivated geographical distribution, and its economic usage or impacts.

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Medic, sweetclover, fenugreek Kul't. Flora SSSR 13 1: A numerical analysis of major groupings in Medicago employing traditionally used characters Luzerne arborescente.


A synopsis of the genus Medicago Leguminosae Luzerne arborescente. The taxonomic value of floral characters in tribe Trigonelleae Leguminosaewith special reference to Medicago Canad.

Flora of Spain and the Balearic Islands: L Spain Tutin, T. F Eur Vasil'chenko, I.