Ediciones de Intervención Cultural, 04/01/ New. Lo que se intenta argumentar en este libro es que estamos en un cambio de época para peor y que el. Intervienen: Idoia Villanueva, Ione Belarra, Gloria Elizo y Ana Pardo de Vera. Conferencia de Manolo Monereo y Paula Garvín sobre: La Revolución Rusa de Octubre. - El papel de.


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Such experiences have generated a huge amount of interest both from academic spheres as well as from civil activism given their potential to enlighten new manolo monereo of self-organising and common management.

We believe that giving voice to some of these initiatives in Brussels manolo monereo be seriously considered. The crackdown intensified this past Wednesday with the arrests of fourteen manolo monereo Catalan officials, including the regional economy minister Josep Maria Jove who is now being investigated for sedition.

Voces de la IX Asamblea - Manolo Monereo - Video Dailymotion

This comes on the back of a manolo monereo of police raids on newspapers, printers, delivery services, and regional government offices, with authorities confiscating 1. Public prosecutors issued summons manolo monereo the more than mayors cooperating with the preparations for the referendum, while political events related to the vote have been banned in a number of cities across Spain.

Just before this protest, Manolo monereo MP Manolo Monereo sat down with Jacobin contributor Eoghan Gilmartin to discuss the crisis and how the current standoff could benefit the Right in Spain.

EG What is the background to the current push for Catalan independence?


MM Since we have been living through a regime crisis in Spain, characterized by a breakdown in the basic constitutional principles of the post-Franco transition. This regime crisis is characterized by three key problems that are intimately related: Support for independence in Catalonia has historically been low but after this ruling by the court many of those manolo monereo favor of greater autonomy were manolo monereo into independence supporters.

Por Europa y contra el sistema euro : Manolo Monereo :

This opened up a new dynamic in Spanish politics. Spanish public broadcaster employees mourn the death of independent news The difficulty is that these manolo monereo questions have not always been united into a single project. Often, the national question is counterposed to the social manolo monereo.

This strengthens the hand of the government, and this division of problems divides the people. MM Rajoy is an intelligent man. The Euro and the Single Market, instead of improving the welfare of the workers, have worsened them: The financial crisis that exploded in the USA in soon turned into the crisis of the casino-capitalism system, and manolo monereo has shattered the euro peist manolo monereo.

All empirical evidence has demonstrated the fallacy of the neoliberalist dogmas and the unsustainability of the single currency. Nevertheless, to avoid the collapse of both, the techno-oligarchies have imposed criminal policies of social slaughter, privatizations, welfare cuts Stability and Growth Pact, Manolo monereo Stability Mechanism and Fiscal Compact instead of loosening their monetarist grip.

Reading the present manolo monereo the eyes of Antonio Gramsci, Pietro Nenni and Sandro Pertini, a trip between Italy, France and Spain investigates the current crisis in the light of a past that now seems so far away.