Use MAxi Menu CK with your Joomla YOOtheme Pro template. It's a html override function so check out the documentation on where to put. I'd highly recommend purchasing Maximenu CK's documentation: RTL compatible with a specific stylesheet (see the documentation) - Joomshopping compatible - Set a custom text and image for the mobile version (using the.


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Maxi Menu CK

The third column contains a Joomla 2. Here you can see how I've added codes to the Menu Titles maximenu ck documentation indicate where MaxiMenu should start rendering a new column.

To create a structure like the one shown above, these are the steps involved: To indicate the start of the first column, in the Menu Manager, create or edit the maximenu ck documentation 2nd level menu link.

To indicate the start of the second column, edit the Menu Title of the menu link that should become the first link in the second column and add a similar code here.

You can choose how many number of columns to use, like 2, 5, Responsive settings Set exactly what you want to do and how do you want your elements to react according to the resolutions.

[OSTraining Support Forum] : Maximenu CK for Joomla

You can use the component options to setup the resolution values and adapt them maximenu ck documentation your needs. You can create your own element plugin and put your content type in the list.

You can then create what you want by developping your own plugin and add then your element with drag and drop in the page, setup what options to use for it, and define yourself what will be rendered maximenu ck documentation frontend.

Here is a list of plugins that are included: Based on mootools it makes appear the tooltip with fade and height transition.

It can contain pictures and link, the tooltip can be mouseovered. Can contain everything text, images, links, etc Custom parameters to be applied on each tooltip width, duration, Width of the tooltip, example: Duration to show the tooltip, example: Duration before the tooltip disappears, example: Multiple options to choose the width of the module and images, maximenu ck documentation to drive mootools effects duration, transition.

Put the tags for every maximenu ck documentation you want to manage and the plugin will only display the text for the current language in the page.

Maxi Menu CK for Joomla with YOOtheme Pro? Sure you can!

It is based on the language tag like en-GB that you can find using the debug function of the maximenu ck documentation see options of the plugin. It is very useful if you are using multilingual content but have some third party extensions that are not compatible.


There are also a few more configuration possibilities. You maximenu ck documentation either choose to load VirtueMarts products or categories inside any Widgetkit.

It adds a offcanvas shopping cart that slides in from the right.


It creates and active integration for very easy and quick handling of shipping. Unifaun is maximenu ck documentation TM Transport Management system. Read more on unifaun. Set up quickly, get paid and grow with iZettle simple point-of-sale app.