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If you can afford it, I would also highly recommend you try out a session with Jared Tendler, he is a trained psychologist whose initial specialty was sports that got turned onto poker mindset coaching by working with Leatherass.

He has numerous positive references, and from my experience he mindset poker pl great for talking through your mindset shortcomings with and then identifying the underlying issues causing them.

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  • Wideo: Being a Poker Pro - How to Manage Your Time Efficiently
  • Make Mindful Breathing a Habit

You can then develop strategies together to fix them and play your best more frequently. Since I feel I know a lot about what constitutes a good poker mindset and strategies to use to play better more often, I mindset poker pl to use my th post to give back to 2p2 and write about what Mindset poker pl believe are the most important things I've learned about the intangibles of poker.

I'm more than willing to field some questions if you're curious about anything.

Being a Poker Pro - How to Manage Your Time Efficiently

Awareness "The most fundamental aggression to mindset poker pl, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly.

You should pay attention to how the other players at the table are playing, taking note of their tendencies and looking at relevant stats, stack sizes, and players left to act before making plays.

You should think of all the hands your opponent can have, which ones he is mindset poker pl likely to have, and the best way to play against each of them.

You should be cognizant of all the history and dynamics that are in place and of how other players at the table view you.

Top 5 Poker Mindset Hacks - PokerVIP

Every play you make should be thought through fully and made with a specific purpose. You should be able to honestly assess your ability and be able to mindset poker pl if you have an edge in the games you are sitting in, and whether you would have a bigger edge and expected hourly earn in a different game available to you.

Also know that someone that you are slightly better than under normal circumstances probably has a huge edge on you when they are playing their A-game and you are tilting.

And if you do play significantly worse in any of the preceding states, you need to either not sit down to play, or if you choose to play, proceed with extra caution and mindfulness.

You should be able to identify your triggers for tilting. You should be able to recognize your tilt mindset poker pl signs. You might also feel foggy mentally or get a headache.

Top 5 Poker Mindset Hacks

Preventing and Managing Tilt "The number one rule of tilt is, if you're mindset poker pl tilt, stop playing" -Poker Mindset "The best way to lop off C-game is to trim the end of bad sessions" -Tommy Angelo One of the best suggestions I can give is, if you spot a lot of your tilt triggers mindset poker pl feel yourself playing poorly, stop playing.

You don't have to stop playing for long, it could be as short as a two or three minute break if you are in good games and don't want to lose your seat.

Just the act of removing yourself mindset poker pl the game, if only briefly, can work to rejuvenate you and get you refocused and back to playing well. While a short break is better than nothing, I recommend you take at least a half an hour break if things are going badly at mindset poker pl tables, and if you've been spewing hardcore and are in a bad mind state, you should probably quit for the day, maybe going so far as to get a 12 hour self-exclusion on the sites you play at to ensure you don't go back on and tilt off more.

Good things to do on breaks are to go outside and get some fresh air for at least a minute or two. You might want to take a walk while listening to your iPod, mindset poker pl focusing on your breathing while you do so.


You could also do pushups, sit-ups, or any other act of physical exertion. Mindful breathing or meditation is mindset poker pl if you can get yourself to do it.

The Poker Mindset: Essential Attitudes for Poker Success Ian Taylor Matthew -

Mindset poker pl some water and eating some healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables is a good idea too. One thing I would not recommend doing during breaks is going on 2p2 or talking on instant messenger bemoaning your bad luck to your poker friends and showing them hands where you took awful beats as it's just going to make you keep thinking about poker and dwell on how much you've lost.

If you can't or don't want to quit or take a break sometime when you find yourself tilting or on the verge of tilting, there are some things you can do without removing yourself from the game to keep from tilting or mindset poker pl yourself back to playing well.

For one, you can sit up straight in your chair with good posture and focus on your breathing. I'll get into this more later, but mindful breathing is something that Jared Tendler and Tommy Angelo are both strong, strong advocates of, and seeing as how they are the two most respected mindset coaches, I mindset poker pl that says a lot about its effectiveness.

Another thing you can do when you find yourself either on tilt or on the verge of tilt is tighten your game way up, and tend to take the conservative option whenever you have a marginal situation, particularly out of position early in the hand.


This is especially true if you are prone to meltdown or demolition tilt where once you get way down you start essentially giving money away, as you want to avoid crossing your threshold of pain lest you start spewing all over the table.

The success mindset poker pl the book quickly spread around the world and is currently mindset poker pl in eight different languages.

The Poker Mindset: Essential Attitudes for Poker Success

Are you ready to look at poker in a different way and transform mindset poker pl own game? What "secret" separates top poker players from poker wannabes? Is it zen-like mind-reading skills, a computer-like brain or thousands of hours of play?