In this tutorial we'll show how to convert your local physical machine in a ESX/ESXi VM (P2V). After the download completion launch vCenter Converter and click on Convert Machine: Specify the source type – in our case it's Powered-on machine – and select the machine. Click on Finish to start the P2V or V2V conversion. Once the Conversion started, VMware converter Client will display the progress of the conversion job. Based on the amount of data and network transfer speed. The client will display the Estimated time to convert the virtual machine. VMware vCenter Converter transforms your Windows- and Linux-based physical machines and third-party image formats to VMware virtual machines. Offers broad support for source physical machines, VMware and Microsoft virtual machine formats, and certain third-party disk image formats.


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If you want to login server on this local machine, select Connect to local server or Log in to a remote server select next option.


Then Select convert machine Tab on display page to update the details about the physical machine, here you need to update for Ubuntu P2v conversion in vmware that, you need to update about source machine details: Click Next to accept the patent agreement.

Agree to the license terms and click Next.

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Accept the default installation directory and click Next. Select Local Installation and click Next.

Physical to Virtual Machine Conversion Guide |

Review the customer experience program option and click Next. Click Install to start the installation. Once complete click Finish.


P2V Process With the vCenter Converter client installed the p2v conversion in vmware step is to actually run the physical to virtual conversion. Select the ESXi host or cluster and Datastore to place the converted virtual machine.


You can even choose the Virtual machine Hardware version from the p2v conversion in vmware. Wizard will display the current configuration. You can click on Edit option to edit the parameters for the conversion task. You can even select or deselect the volumes to p2v conversion in vmware during the P2V or V2V migration.

Source windows server contains only one hard disk with C: One more option is you can change the Virtual machine disk format too.

VMware P2V Migration: Importing Virtual Machines into VMware ESXi Part 1 | Pluralsight

Select the p2v conversion in vmware machine port group to connect to the destination converted virtual machine. There are many services such as Hardware related agents or services running on your physical hardware.

It will not be needed once it is converted to a virtual machine. After the download completion launch vCenter Converter and click on Convert Machine: To specify a new volume size for a disk, select the drop-down menu below "New Disk Space.

You p2v conversion in vmware also manually specify the size of the disk by typing the desired capacity in GB or MB.

How to: P2V conversion with VMware vCenter Converter

Name the destination system. Select a datastore for the virtual machine. The datastores should be large enough to hold the data stored to the source system's hard disks.

To assign a datastore to each hard disk, click "Advanced"; then select a datastore for each hard disk and config file. Select the number of network interface cards NICs to import. Check "Connect at Power On," if preferred.