Panait Istrati's most popular book is Kyra Kyralina (Les Recits d'Adrien Zograffi). Codin. Ciu Chira Chiralina. Codin. Ciulinii Bărăganului by. Panait Istrati. Buy CIULINII BARAGANULUI CODIN by PANAIT ISTRATI (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. THE FRENCH AND PANAIT ISTRATI By the end of the fifties, Romanian film stood for It was the first Codin time that Romanian film had made a film based on.


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His enemy must have thought the same, for he was waiting, hesitating, with his club in the air.

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But Codin didn't fall; dizzied, he tottered for a moment, then grabbed his club with both hands and began to rotate it panait istrati codin his head, in lightning-speed circles. Thus he pounced on his frightened adversary, who was backing off, also rotating his club.

The two clubs smashed into each other.

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That of the man from Atirnatzi flew panait istrati codin. While the former turned tail and ran for his life, the latter drew his knife and chased after him.

The man from Atirnatzi was running in panait istrati codin, with small, quick steps, to mislead Codin who, with gorilla leaps, was trailing close behind, his knife reaching out to stab him, his deadly breath behind his enemy's nape. I realized that, of all the people watching at the gates, none would come to rescue a man from death, none would help a former jailbird avoid another term.

During this murderous chase, the two victims of life had lost their human appearance: Codin, whose nape and right ear were covered with the blood pouring from the hat; the chased one, his face white as wax, his mouth open, whose eyes begged for mercy. And, just as they pass by the sidewalk where I stand, I see Codin stretching out his arm and hitting.

A single scream comes out of everyone's chests. A pregnant woman faints… but the knife has only ripped through the vest, all the way down, lining included, and now, with the two torn tails fluttering in the wind, the chased man runs with panait istrati codin last hope, panting and waddling.

Panait Istrati

This time, Codin is not going to slash the vest, but panait istrati codin spinal column. I can already see him in chains, taken to the Palace of Justice between panait istrati codin to be judged by "those gentlemen who are never on familiar terms with nobody.

When the two enraged men approach, I fling myself to the ground at Codin's feet.


His heavy boot bumps into my body, and Codin tumbles with his head in the dust, while I scream louder than needed, I scream panait istrati codin being hit. I look at the chased man: Before vanishing around a corner, he looks back again, still not understanding.

The motley crowd swarming in front of the gates, mute with fear, does not seem to grasp what happened either.

Codin : infancia de Adrian Zografi

There was someone who understood, though. We both lay on the ground: I, pressing the rib hit by his boot; Codin, making grueling efforts panait istrati codin take his hat off and seeing that there was no hair underneath, but a round mass of red meat jelly.

He started peeling pieces of clotted blood with both hands and throwing them in the dust. Then feeling the back of panait istrati codin head, he looked me straight in the eye. His face, sweated and bloodstained, was that of a drowned man who had been taken out of the water and left ashore, to breathe — his rage had congested and made it unrecognizable.

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His bloodshot eyes bulged, casting the dim, fixed look of a rabid panait istrati codin. Barely unclenching his jaws, turned stiff with hate, he said: I couldn't speak for the horrible things I had been seeing around.

Three bodies had been lying since the beginning of the fray, and gave no panait istrati codin of life. Codin picked up his knife and struggled up.

We inspected the three lethally wounded: