This is a known bug: — make sure you're using dev-libs/elfutilsr1 and it should work. cairooverlay is in gst-plugins-good and it seems that your gentoo installation is not. multi-monitor presentation tool (ala Keynote) for PDF g: gentoo ‎| ‎Must include: ‎gentoo.


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See pdfpcrc 5 if you want to customize the keybindings.

The progress bar on the bottom of the presenter screen indicates how many percent of the slides pdf presenter console gentoo been pre-rendered already. During the initial rendering phase this will slow down slide changes, as most CPU power is used for the rendering process in the background.

After the cache is fully primed however the changing of slides should be much faster, as with normal PDF viewers.

Package: pdf-presenter-console (4.0.5-1)

As the pre-rendering takes a lot of memory it can be disabled using the --disable-cache switch at the cost of speed. It it also possible to store the pre-rendered slides on the disk see --persist-cache.


This speeds up the start of the program if the slide-set is used for a second time. Without compression a set of pdf presenter console gentoo PDF pages can easily grow up to about 1. Netbooks with only 1 GB of memory would swap themselves to death if pre-rendering is enabled in such a situation.

The compression is enabled by default as it does not harm rendering speed in a noticeable way on most systems.

Gentoo Portage Overlays - app-misc/pdfpc

It does however slow down pre-rendering by about a factor of two. If you have got enough memory and want to pdf presenter console gentoo the fastest possible pre-rendering you can disable slide compression by using the -z switch. But be warned using the uncompressed pre-rendering storage will use about 30 times the memory the new compressed storage pdf presenter console gentoo e.

If no duration is specified or if a value of 0 is given to the -d optionthe timer will show how much time has been spent. The duration is stored automatically, so you do not need to repeat it for every invocation.

The timer is started if you are navigating away from the first page for the first time. This feature is quite useful as you may want to show the title page of your presentation while people are still entering the room and the presentation has not pdf presenter console gentoo begun yet.

If you want to start over you can use the 'r' key which will make the presenter reset the timer.


If a duration is given, at pdf presenter console gentoo moment the timer reaches the defined last-minutes value it will change color to indicate your talk is nearing its end. As soon as the timer reaches the zero mark While in the presentation, pressing 'n' will allow you to take notes for the screen.

To go out of editing mode, press the Escape key. Note that while editing a note the keybindings stop working, i. The notes are stored in the given file in a plain text format, easy pdf presenter console gentoo edit also from outside the program.

See the section about the pdfpc format below.


You can select one slide to jump to with the mouse or with the arrow keys. You can also define overlays and the end slide see next sections in this mode. Examples include enumerations where the single items are displayed pdf presenter console gentoo after another or rough "animations", where parts of a picture change from slide to slide.