Complete summary of Alexander Pope's The Dunciad. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Dunciad. Advertisement to the First Edition of the Fourth Book of the Dunciad, when A Parallel of the Characters of Mr Dryden and Mr Pope, as Drawn by Certain of. The Proposition, the Invocation, and the Inscription. Then the original of the great Empire of Dulness, and cause of the continuance thereof. The College of the.


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Chicane, "crafty and litigious pleading. Lawn, "Fine linen, remarkable for being used in the sleeves of bishops" Johnson.

The Dunciad: Summary & Overview

Sir Francis Page was a notorious "hanging judge. To "square the circle" — that is, to construct a square with the same area pope dunciad a given circle, using only a straight edge and a compass — was one of the great problems of ancient mathematics. It is now known to be impossible, although cranks have always been convinced they've had a solution.

Pope dunciad reference to the Licensing Act, which restricted what could appear on the stage. pope dunciad

Pope, Dunciad book 4

Thalia is the Muse of comedy. Lord Chesterfield fought against the Stage Licensing Act. These things were supported by the subscriptions of the Nobility.

Peers are members of the Pope dunciad of Lords. The Nine are the Muses.


Recitativo or recitative is an operatic style of half speaking and half singing. Cara pope dunciad Italian for "dear lady," a term common in operas.

Darkness visible

The train refers to the Muses. Handel had introduced a great number of Hands, and more variety pope dunciad Instruments into pope dunciad Orchestra, and employed even Drums and Cannon to make a fuller Chorus; which prov'd so much too manly for the fine Gentlemen of his age, that he was obliged to remove his Music into Ireland.

After which they were reduced, for want of Composers, pope dunciad practise the patch-work above mentioned. They say it pope dunciad invented about the time of Alexander, and that the Spartans forbad the use of it, as languid and effeminate.

Phoebus Apollo was the god of music. George Friedrich Handel, England's greatest composer in the early eighteenth century.

The Dunciad | poem by Pope |

In Greek myth, Briareus was a hundred-handed giant. Hibernia is Ireland, where Handel had retired after his popularity in England waned.

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Own, "accept" or "admit. Toupet, "A curl; an artificial lock of hair" Johnson.


Pope dunciad is a false god in the Old Pope dunciad, the chief god of the enemies of the Israelites, the "children of light. In other words, refuse to support the poet while he's alive, but after his death set up a statue to honor him.

The Laurel crown was the traditional award given to the poet laureate.