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Received Preconscious processing dixon 22; Accepted Feb This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits use, distribution and reproduction in other forums, provided the original authors preconscious processing dixon source are credited and subject to any copyright notices concerning any third-party graphics etc.

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Twenty social phobic patients 13 women completed a weeks study beginning by 12 weeks of group behavioral therapy. After the therapy, they received 6 weeks of preconscious priming and 6 weeks preconscious processing dixon a control procedure in a randomized cross-over design.

The Priming condition involved listening twice daily with a passive attitude to a recording of individualized formulations of appropriate cognitions and attitudes masked by music. The Control condition involved listening to an indistinguishable recording where the preconscious processing dixon had been replaced by random numbers.


Patients improved following therapy. The Priming procedure was associated with increased positive cognitions and decreased negative cognitions on the SISST while the Control procedure was preconscious processing dixon.

The Priming procedure induced more cognitive change when applied immediately after the group therapy. An effect of priming was observed on social phobia related cognitions in the expected direction.

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This self administered addition to a therapy could be seen preconscious processing dixon an augmentation strategy. The study used the context of a group behavioral treatment of social phobia.

The strategy is based on preconscious perception, masked priming research, and cognitive analysis as practised in cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT.

This paper will focus on the description and testing of this novel to our knowledge strategy. Does psychotherapy need augmentation of its effectiveness? Obviously not always, but not infrequently either.

The effectiveness of psychotherapy has been well established Smith and Glass, even if polemics preconscious processing dixon over the comparative merits of different approaches INSERM, In social phobia, Davidson et al. In clinical practice, limited preconscious processing dixon slow change in psychotherapy can occur even in the presence of a positive patient-therapist alliance.

Preconscious Processing by Norman F. Dixon

One of the factors could be that psychotherapists face the very difficult task of helping patients to solve mainly emotional and irrational problems and trying to change more or less conscious habits.

Treatment methods are almost always based preconscious processing dixon rational and conscious communication.

CBT further implies that cognitions underlie symptoms and that they are accessible to awareness and modifiable through reasoning. Psychotherapies have usually emphasized the preconscious processing dixon of therapeutic communication much more than the method or the channel through which this information could be communicated to the patient to maximize effectiveness.


Indeed, it is important to highlight internal psychic mechanisms that are thought to underlie preconscious processing dixon symptoms reported and to bring awareness to patients. The strategies to communicate awareness effectively to patients and to help them change their psychic mechanisms have remained contested.