Read a review of the 2+2 book 'Professional No Limit Holdem Volume 1'. A synopsis of the book, Professional No Limit Hold'em Volume 1 written by Matt Flynn, Sunny Mehta, and Ed Miller. Order this book here or receive it for free. Professional No-Limit Hold 'em by Ed Miller is a book written solely for cash game players. Read our full review on Professional No-Limit Hold.


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Professional No-Limit Hold 'em Volume I - Ed Miller

Other authors have admonished to plan your hand professional no limit hold control the size of the pot, but this is the first mathmatical treatment of how to concretely envision how that will be done all the way to showdown when you're still sitting at pre-flop.

I picked up this book because of enjoying Miller's previous work.

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It's easy to understand the theory presented but applying the concepts at the tables will be tough, not only for the math but having the experience and accuracy in anticipating your opponents' actions.

The concepts deal with getting the maximum value out of a hand and something called "the commitment threshold". The latter is a concept related to pot control and stresses the importance professional no limit hold not investing too many chips with marginal hands.


If professional no limit hold two concepts don't seem familiar to you and you play most of your hands just to win and not to make the right action then I can strongly recommend this book.

An indication of players who aren't too familiar with these concepts is excessive slowplaying of hands.

Review of Ed Miller's Professional No Limit Holdem Vol 1

Although you might win the hand most of the time unless that miraculous 1-outer hits on the riveryou end up losing value in many cases. Have you ever posted a hand that you were proud of and somebody commented that you missed out on professional no limit hold and you didn't understand why?

Then this book will explain to you in detail where it all went wrong.


The last couple of pages in the book deal with poker rules and poker etiquette. The rules section doesn't include all the standard rules that everyone should know but focuses on difficult and debatable situations.

However, people who have played sufficiently to develop those skills may find very little of the rest of the book helpful. Professional no limit hold yet is that I found many of the ideas in the book to be borderline incorrect.

And the errors seem to largely follow a single thread: For example, their suggestion for a system of evaluating hands and boards is called REM — for Range, Equity, Maximize. As such equity is is a terrible substitute for expectation, and confusing the two strikes me as a very serious professional no limit hold.

Professional No-Limit Hold 'em - Matt Flynn, Sunny Mehta, Ed Miller - Google книги

The latter half of the book is devoted to an extended discussion of stack to pot ratios or SPR as the call them as a tool for planning hands to avoid difficult situations.

Conclusion ———- Good book, and worth your time.

I just wish it lacked the unjustified self-importance that spoils too many of its pages.