I hope that this initiative ― the sharing of Western Muslim convert stories throughout Ramadan ― can begin to change the conversation. Stories of Converts/ Reverts to Islam. List of famous converts to Islam from Christianity: Convert To Islam. how to convert to Islam, Stories of why Christian, hindu, atheist, buddist, seik and catholic convert to islam and more. is.


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It only takes one spark or one conversation to do it, and there could be no better time to unite as a global community than during Ramadan.


I challenge you to be revert to islam stories part of this journey. If nothing else, consider these extraordinary profiles of Western Muslim converts as my gift towards peace in this blessed month.

This piece is the start of a series on Western Muslim converts releasing throughout the month of Ramadan.

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  • These Muslim Convert Stories Will Challenge Your Perspective Of Islam

She quit her job before she decided to begin wearing it every day. Enlightened in Dubai Before she covered her head and face with the niqab, married a man who had converted to Islam, gave birth to five children, and spoke out in favour of polygamy she has not denied reports her husband has a second wifeNora Illi was a normal young woman from canton Zurich.

She partied, experimented with Buddhism and was a vegetarian. Illi is revert to islam stories possibly the best known female revert to islam stories to Islam in Switzerland.

Stories of Muslim Converts: Amanda Oueslati

On a trip to Dubai at the age of 18, the call to prayer from a Muezzin was an epiphany. In Illi converted to Islam, only two weeks after her boyfriend and now husband became a Muslim. Both are members of the radical Islamic Central Council of Switzerland, which has drawn controversy due to its contacts with extremists and radical preachers.

What made them do this? What did they believe and why would someone want to cause revert to islam stories much pain? Revert to islam stories first Muslim friend Right before the war on terrorism begun, my dad retired from the military and we made another move to Florida.

Stories of converts to Islam

I started high school as a loner. So I kept to myself. I saw a girl in the cafeteria one day. A Muslim girl, wearing the hijab. I thought to myself that she seemed so sure of herself.

I wondered how she was so brave to wear that thing on her head at school. I eventually befriended Fatiha and found her to be the most incredible person.

Why Islam? The story of three female converts - SWI

She was born Muslim from a Palestinian family. She really had it all together.


She knew what she believed and why. She was strong and brave and beautiful. I wanted to be like her. I was feeling great, but Christianity was still tugging me. So, I became agnostic for a bit.