The first English translation was published in Source for information on The Conversations with an Executioner (Rozmowy z Katem): Reference Guide to. Rozmowy z katem (Polish Edition) [Kazimierz Moczarski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Przez dziewięć miesięcy roku w jednej. Conversations with an Executioner (Polish: Rozmowy z katem) is a book by Kazimierz Moczarski, a Polish writer and journalist, officer of the Polish Home Army  ‎Background · ‎Conversations · ‎In popular culture.


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All three slept on narrow mattresses put on the floor for the night. There was a retractable wall bed in the cell, which none of them used out of respect for the others. Stroop described the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto in minute detail, eager to mention the foreign Hilfswilliger "willing helpers" in the death of over 50, Rozmowy z katem Jews: This was exactly what we wanted.


We called them Trawniki men. Stroop is played by the actor Piotr Fronczewski. He also talked about the role of the canal communication, night fighting, rozmowy z katem armament of his troops, and the numbers of the ghetto defenders killed and caught daily as well as the plans of building a German representative housing estate on the site of the former ghetto.

Pressed by rozmowy z katem interlocutor, Stroop many times expresses his admiration and appreciation for the architecture of the bunkers and for the determination of the fighting Jews.

It is difficult to classify this book as a genre.

Rozmowy z katem - 7C FA - Jacek Matuszek on Vimeo

The author tries to reconstruct faithfully the prison dialogues of It begins with diary notes, only to change into memoirs enriched with elements of essaylike discourse or academic study. The rozmowy z katem also has some literary values. Stroop's confession composed in retrospect, many years later, is arranged in thematic sequences.

The chapters have interpretative headings, which at the same time have the value of a generalizing metaphor.

This is also a drama of three actors. A considerable role rozmowy z katem played here by Schielke, who from the point of view of a realistically minded, lower-rank subordinate compromises Stroop's frequent propagandist and ideological slogans.

Moczarski is particularly rozmowy z katem to conversations with Stroop, since being an officer of the Home Army Information and Propaganda Bureau he was well informed about the situation in the Warsaw Ghetto and in the underground movement.


In any normal society, based on meritocracy, he probably would never have been much more than a clerk. Probably he would have taken out his social rozmowy z katem on his wife or dog.

He's clearly a man whose most important driving force is to feel himself rozmowy z katem. He comes out with lots of sentimental bullshit about knightly valour.

I would argue all these leading Nazis were essentially sentimental.

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Never underestimate the nefarious depth charges of sentimentality. Sentimentality is the expedient distortion of truth. It gets the popular vote.


All nationalist dogma is essentially sentimental claptrap. And its evil twin is cynicism.