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Side by Side

The primary advantage of the Personal Cloud and NAS drives like it, compared to online cloud sites, is that with your own NAS drive, side by side 3 tb pay a one-time charge for your data storage—the cost of the drive—and can add as many users as you want.

It doesn't take side by side 3 tb, then, to burn up the cost of a small NAS like this in cloud-storage fees. The primary disadvantage of the Personal Cloud and its competitors is that if anything happens to the NAS device—fire, theft, and the like—you'll lose your data.

Another disadvantage, of this Personal Cloud drive in particular, is that it contains just one hard drive mechanism, as opposed to higher-end NAS appliances that house at least two and some of them, four or more.

Seagate Personal Cloud (3TB)

Multi-drive NAS devices let you configure their internal drives in redundant arrays designed to protect your data should any of the drives in the array fail. A shortcoming, then, of the Personal Cloud and others that contain just one drive is that if the drive inside fails, so goes your data, unless you have backed it up somewhere else such as, say, side by side 3 tb cloud site or what's on it is just a second copy.

That said, the Seagate Personal Cloud side by side 3 tb easy to set up and use, and it comes with handy apps and services for backing up the PCs on your network and other routine tasks.


Also included are a few feature-rich and adroit media-streaming servers. In testing, it was speedy enough, and it has a USB 3. For what it is, we like the Personal Cloud as a personal backup and media-streaming device, as long as you don't rely on it alone for storing side by side 3 tb only copies of critical data.

For that kind of storage, this drive needs a backup plan itself.

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Most competing units are a small tower or cube device that stands upright, but the Personal Cloud is designed to lay horizontally. It's also small enough to carry around with you, should the need arise. No matter where you put it, though, it will need an Ethernet connection to your side by side 3 tb hence, in most home and small-office settings, placing it close to your router is best.

When it comes to actual physical features, you won't see many; the Seagate Personal Cloud is quite simple in form. Side by side 3 tb only status indicator, for instance, is a small blue LED stripe on the top of the device. Plus, after the initial setup, during which it blinks on and off until initialization is complete, all the LED really does is tell you whether the device is running or not.

Side by side 3 tb also a USB 3. It's meant for connecting external drives, including USB thumb drives. The core components inside the Personal Cloud are a Seagate hard drive mechanism 3TB, in our review unit; it's specifically one of the "Seagate NAS"-class mechanisms, as you'd expecta 1.

Compared to many other NAS devices we have reviewed, this is a humble configuration.

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But as you'll see in the Performance Testing section later on, it's enough to provide respectable data transfer and smooth video streaming, even with 4K Ultra HD video. Otherwise, the Personal Cloud's features which are impressive for such an inexpensive storage solution stem from the Seagate NAS OS and other bundled side by side 3 tb, coming up next.

If you want to set it up so that your Windows PCs or Macs see it as a networked share, all that entails is powering it up and connecting it side by side 3 tb your router.

The Personal Cloud does the rest, including making the local DNS and other routing announcements to make it reachable on your network. In other words, it immediately becomes accessible via Windows Explorer or Finder That's unusual, in that most other NASes require you to make the initial connection via a Web browser or other means.

Seagate Personal Cloud (3TB) Review & Rating |

During the initial setup, Seagate NAS OS checks for firmware updates, and, if it side by side 3 tb a newer version as it did in our caseit installs it. For example, from the NAS OS Device Manager, you can add either local or remote users as many as you needand control their security and other level-of-service settings You can make configuration changes, such as tell the device when to go to sleep, and from here run several other highly useful apps and services.


A host of apps are included by default. Most of them have names that speak for themselves: