SIGMA SPORT® steht für innovative, funktionelle und qualitativ hochwertige Produkte mit fairem GPS BIKE COMPUTER NEW. ROX SPORTmore. Find great deals for Sigma Sport Baseline BC Bike Bicycle Speedometer Distance Cycling Computer. Shop with confidence on eBay! SIGMA SPORT BC Inhalt/Content/Contenu/Contenido/Contenudo/Inhoud/. Conteúdo/Zawartość? oder or ou. 42 mm. 32 mm. 28 mm. 1. 3. 4. 5. 2. 3. 4. 6.


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Just remember to put in the 1 wheelset information first, that lets you set the display to English and the speedo to mph, etc.

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  • Sigma Baseline BC 800 Cycle Computer

sigma bc 800 Then the rest should be downhill. I replaced batteries this week in my BC, and for the life of me I don't think you can reset the display on the Total Hours Ridden.

Nothing in the instructions, and nothing I do with it on that display does anything. If anyone here knows an inside trick to reseting sigma bc 800 total hours, I'd love to sigma bc 800 it.

I wanted a method that would allow me to adjust its position on the fork as well as remove it entirely if needed.

Santa Fixie. Buy Wired Sigma BC Baseline BC Cycle Computer.

My solution was to attach the sensor to a standard hose clamp. This clamp could then be put on sigma bc 800 front fork sigma bc 800 adjusted as needed.

Metal epoxy was used to glue the sensor housing to the hose clamp at a slight angle. Care was taken to only put epoxy on the sensor mounting back.

BC +RCS Wireless - Sigma sport - XXcycle - en

In this way, the sensor can be removed from the back while leaving the back and clamp attached to the bike. Sigma bc 800 following two pictures show how the sensor is attached to the clamp.


The magnets that come with the BC are in a small tubular housing that is designed to clip to the bicycle spokes.

This generally won't work for a motorcycle. I did what a sigma bc 800 of others have done, which is to replace them with a set of magnets from Radio Shack. The sigma bc 800 chosen are their part"rare-earth super magnets".

Sigma Bc - Video Dailymotion

sigma bc 800 One of the magnets was attached to the disk rotor using epoxy and the other was stuck on top of it without epoxy. The magnets are so powerful that there is no concern that it will come off.

The length of the wire from the sensor to the display module is long enough for use on a bicycle, but most likely is inadeguate for a motorcycle.

The solution is to cut the wire and splice in another two conductor wire. Cut the sigma bc 800 somewhere in the middle rather than attempt to sigma bc 800 either the sensor end or the display module end.


I soldered the splices and put shrink tubing over each wire. I then put a larger piece of shrink tubing over the entire splice to ensure it would withstand the treatment it was to receive.

There is probably a number of places where the display module can be mounted. I chose to mount mine on the handlebars, just left of the housing. For now, I have used the supplied rubber bands but will sigma bc 800 this if it starts to appear that it isn't secure enough.

sigma bc 800

Because the sensor housing is able to sigma bc 800 from the sensor mounting back, the routing of the wires was left to last. I routed the sensor wires through the steering housing, following the same general path as the speedometer cable and other cables.

Sigma Sport BC 800

I then used wire ties to attach the wires to the speedometer cable. I somewhat out of focus picture sigma bc 800 shows the final attachment of the sensor to the fork. The final step of the installation is to "program" the display.