E G mama, who bore me D/F# A mama, who gave me E G no way to handle things D/F# A who made me so sad E G mama, the weeping D/F# A mama, the. Mama Who Bore Me Spring Awakening Capo on 5th fret. All fret numbers relative to capo. Chords: E Esus4 G6 3x Dadd9/F# Mama Who Bore Me Lyrics: Mama who bore me / Mama who gave me / No way to handle Album Spring Awakening (Original Broadway Cast Recording).


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Act I[ edit ] Wendla Bergmann, an adolescent in late-nineteenth-century Germanylaments that her mother gave her "no way to handle things" and has not taught her the lessons she is meant to know as a young woman "Mama Who Bore Me". She tells her mother that it is time she learned where babies come from, considering that she is about to be an aunt for the second time.

Her mother cannot bring herself spring awakening mama who bore me explain the facts about conception clearly to Wendla, despite knowing her daughter is reaching puberty. Instead, she simply tells Wendla that to conceive a child a woman must love her husband with all of her heart.

At school, some teenage boys are studying Spring awakening mama who bore me in Latin class.

Spring Awakening - Mama Who Bore Me Lyrics | SongMeanings

When Moritz Stiefel, a very spring awakening mama who bore me and anxious young man, sleepily misquotes a line, the teacher chastises him harshly.

Melchior reflects on the shallow narrow-mindedness of school and society and expresses his intent to change things "All That's Known". Moritz describes a dream that has been keeping him up at night, and Melchior realizes that Moritz has been having erotic dreams which Moritz believes are signs of insanity.

To comfort the panicked Moritz, Melchior, who has learned sexual information from books, tells Moritz that all of the boys at their age get these dreams. Moritz, who is not comfortable talking about the subject with Melchior, requests that he give him the information in the form of an essay, complete with illustrations.

Spring Awakening - Mamma Who Bore Me Lyrics

All the girls, save Ilse, are gathered together after school and tease each other as they fantasize about marrying the boys in the town. Martha admits that she has a crush on Moritz, but is made fun of by the other girls. At the top of the list is the radical, intelligent, and good-looking Melchior "My Junk".

Moritz has eagerly digested the essay that Melchior prepared for him, but complains that his new knowledge has only made his dreams even more vivid and torturous. Melchior tries to calm and comfort his friend, but Moritz runs off in frustration.

spring awakening mama who bore me


All of the boys and girls express their desires for physical intimacy "Touch Me". The two reminisce on the friendship they once shared as children and share a moment while sitting together in front of a spring awakening mama who bore me. Each of them considers what it would be like to give in to their physical desires for one another "The Word of Your Body"but they do not do so.

Meanwhile, at school, Moritz sneaks a look at his test results and is thrilled to learn that he has passed his midterm examinations, and tells the other boys.

However, the teacher and schoolmaster, who claim they cannot pass everyone, decide to fail Moritz anyway, deeming his passing grade still not up to the school's lofty standards.

Martha accidentally admits to her friends that her father abuses her physically and spring awakening mama who bore me and that her mother is either oblivious or uncaring. The other girls are horrified to hear this, but Martha makes them promise not to tell anyone, lest she end up like Ilse, a friend from childhood who now wanders homeless and aimless after her similarly abusive parents kicked her out of the house "The Dark I Know Well".

Later, Wendla finds Melchior again at his spot in the woods and tells him about Martha's abuse.


At first Melchior is determined to do nothing of the sort, but reluctantly complies. He gets carried away in the beating, taking his own frustrations out on Wendla and throws her to the ground.

Disgusted with himself, Melchior runs off as Wendla is left lying on the ground, weeping. Alone, Wendla finds that Melchior has left his journal on the ground. She picks it up and takes it with her. Moritz is told he has failed his final examination, and his father reacts with disdain and contempt when Moritz tells him that he will not progress in school.

Rather than attempting to understand his son's pain, Moritz's father is only concerned with how the others in town will react when they see "the man with the son who failed.

Devastated by her spring awakening mama who bore me, and feeling he has few choices left, Moritz contemplates suicide.

In a stuffy hayloft during a storm, Melchior expresses his frustration about being caught between childhood and adulthood "The Mirror-Blue Night". Wendla finds him once again, telling him she wants to return his journal, and each apologizes for what happened in the forest.

Melchior, disappointed in himself from the spring awakening mama who bore me before, urges her to leave. Wendla ignores this, instead suggesting they run in the rain until they "get soaked to the skin".