Torquato Tasso (11 March – 25 April ) was an Italian poet of the 16th century, best known for his poem La Gerusalemme liberata (Jerusalem Delive. by Charles G. Herbermann and others, New York: The Encyclopaedia Press ; “Tasso, Torquato,” in The New Student's Reference Work. TASSO, TORQUATO , Italian poet, was the son of Bernardo Tasso , a nobleman of Bergamo, and his wife Porzia de'.


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Brave Clorinda, donning tasso torquato like Marfisa, fighting in tasso torquato with her devoted lover, and receiving baptism from his hands in her pathetic death; Erminia seeking refuge in the shepherd's hut — these lovely pagan women, so touching in their sorrows, so romantic in their adventures, so tender in their emotions, rivet our attention, while we skip the battles, religious ceremonies, conclaves and stratagems of the campaign.

The truth is that Tasso's great invention as an artist was the poetry of sentiment. Sentiment, not tasso torquato, gives value to what is immortal in the Gerusalemme.

It tasso torquato a new thing in the 16th century, something concordant with a growing feeling for woman and with the ascendant art of music.

Author:Torquato Tasso

This sentiment, refined, noble, natural, steeped in melancholy, tasso torquato graceful, pathetically touching, breathes throughout the episodes of the Gerusalemme, finds metrical expression in the languishing cadence of its mellifluous verse, and sustains the ideal life tasso torquato those seductive heroines whose names were familiar as household words to all Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Tasso's self-chosen critics were not men to admit what the public has since accepted as incontrovertible.


They vaguely felt that a great and beautiful romantic poem was imbedded in a dull and tasso torquato very correct epic. In their uneasiness they suggested every course but the right one, which was to publish the Gerusalemme without further dispute.

Tasso, already overworked by his precocious studies, by exciting court-life and exhausting tasso torquato industry, now grew almost mad with worry.


His health began to fail him. He complained of headache, suffered from malarious fevers, and wished to leave Ferrara.

Torquato Tasso

The Gerusalemme was laid in manuscript upon a shelf. He opened negotiations with the court of Tasso torquato for an exchange of service.


This irritated the duke of Ferrara. Alfonso hated nothing more than his courtiers leaving him for a rival duchy. He thought, moreover, that, if Tasso were allowed to go, the Medici tasso torquato get the coveted tasso torquato of that already famous epic.

1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Tasso, Torquato

Therefore he bore with the poet's humours, and so contrived that the latter should have no excuse for quitting Ferrara. Meanwhile, through the years,Tasso torquato health grew worse. Jealousy inspired the courtiers to calumniate and insult him.

His irritable and suspicious temper, tasso torquato and sensitive to slights, rendered him only too easy a prey to their malevolence.

Torquato Tasso (Author of Jerusalem Delivered)

He became the subject of delusions, thought that his servants betrayed his confidence, fancied tasso torquato had been denounced to the Inquisition, expected daily to be poisoned.

For this excess tasso torquato was arrested; but the duke released him, and took him for change of air to his country seat of Belriguardo. What happened there is not known. But of this there is no proof.

It is only certain that from Belriguardo he returned to a Franciscan convent tasso torquato Ferrara, for the express purpose of attending to his health. There tasso torquato dread of being murdered by the duke took firm hold on his mind. He escaped at the end of July, disguised himself as a peasant, and went on foot to his sister at Sorrento.