Doing a Testicular Self-Exam (TSE) is easy and should only take about minutes. All you have to do is check your testicles (your “balls”) to feel for lumps. Self-examination of the testes is important for early detection of testicular cancer. The most common method of early detection is performing a monthly exam. The testicular self-examination (TSE) is an easy way for guys to check their own testicles to make sure there aren't any unusual lumps or bumps - which are.


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If you detect lumps or other changes during a testicular self-exam, make an appointment with your doctor. Why it's done Testicular self-exams help you learn how your testicles normally look and feel. Then you're more likely to notice testicular self examination changes.

Changes in your testicles could be a sign of a common benign condition, such as an infection or a cyst, or a less common condition, such as testicular cancer. Who should consider regular testicular exams?

It's not clear which men should consider regular testicular testicular self examination.

How to Do a Testicular Self-Exam (Slideshow)

Though often promoted as a way to detect testicular cancer, testicular self-exams aren't proved to reduce the risk of dying of the disease. Testicular cancer is a relatively uncommon type of cancer.

It's testicular self examination highly treatable at all stages, so finding testicular cancer testicular self examination doesn't make a cure more likely. Doctors and medical organizations differ on their recommendations for testicular self-exams.

Testicular self-examination - Understanding - Macmillan Cancer Support

Testicular self examination self-examination Need to talk? A normal testicle should feel smooth and firm, but not hard. It is also normal that one testicle will hang lower than the other.


If you notice any testicular lumps, bumps or irregularities see a doctor right away. Please keep in mind that not all lumps or irregularities are cancerous, however, only a doctor testicular self examination make that determination.

They have all recovered from cancer and are spokesmen for testicular cancer awareness.

Testicular Self-Exam

How do I do a TSE? The best place to do a TSE is in a warm shower.

The heat causes the testicles to hang low in the scrotum skin sacmaking them easier to examine. Gently roll each testicle between your thumb and forefinger.