Aug 19, Naseem Hijazi Novels PDF Free Download | Famous Urdu Novels and Digest. پورس کے ہاتھی از نسیم حِجازی Poras K Hathi by Naseem Hijazi Read And سفید جزیرہ از نسیم حِجازی Sufaid Jazeera by Naseem Hijazi (Complete) Read And. March ) was an Urdu writer. As a novel writer, Naseem Hijazi is regarded as one of the finest writers of Urdu language especially in.


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Those who follow Islam are actually the representatives of peace and safeness.

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It is the religion that Allah Almighty bestowed upon Muhammad PBUH about fourteen hundred years ago and as per Islamic belief system, there will be no other religion send for the guidance of mankind. Therefore, according to Muslims, Islam is the final religion of Allah and if anyone in this world and the times to come is to receive guidance, he urdu novels by naseem hijazi she will be in the circle of Islam.

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There are some key figures in Islam that are pivotal to its existence without the knowledge or recognition of which one cannot understand Islam let alone joining it.

The key figures which represent Islam urdu novels by naseem hijazi as follows: In Islam Allah is the supreme Lord and the Creator of this world.

All the Godly qualities are associated with Him and He is the provider and sustainer of life in this urdu novels by naseem hijazi.

All the worship and praise is for Allah and He will be the one to whom all the people of this world will return once the world ends.

After that He spent the rest of 23 years of His life in preaching Islam.

His traditions are recorded in the form of Hadith and Muslims try to follow and implement His traditions in their life. Quran is the Divine Book of guidance, which Muslims follow.

Shaheen / شاہین

It is the canonical law, which Muslims follow, and anything that contradicts Quran is not accepted by Muslims. All over the world urdu novels by naseem hijazi of Muslims recite and learn Quran. Here he was rebelling against his own father in a power hungry surge and then suddenly he was on the battlefield fighting bravely on the front lines.


I always found him to be an enigmatic character after reading how much sorrow he had felt on the fall of Granada although he had been the cause for it.

It really illustrated how power corrupted but also that it urdu novels by naseem hijazi a lot to burn out a nations fighting spirit, until the end the Moors had some fight left in them.

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Naseem Hijazi also illustrated very well that there is often a fine line between compromising tactically and for unity and just being spineless. I always find it shocking how the Muslims and later the Jews were treated during the period of the Reconquista and perhaps urdu novels by naseem hijazi could be considered one of the darkest periods of European history.

Among his popular contemporaries were Ibn-e-SafiSaadat Hasan Mantoand Shafiq-ur-Rehmanall having their particular line of literature. Naseem Hijazi is known for his potent and romantic description of history.

There are only two writers prior to Hijazi who wrote historic novels in Urdu: Abdul Haleem Sharar urdu novels by naseem hijazi Sadiq Sardhunwi, but Hijazi 's writing is most credible in terms of historic description and accuracy.