As in the original soundtrack from The Terminal, a featured solo clarinet is used to portray the warmth and friendliness of the main character Viktor Navorsky. Viktor's tale: from the motion picture The terminal: solo clarinet with piano reduction. Terminal. Viktor's tale; arranged. Williams, John, · Save to Lists. HAL LEONARD WILLIAMS JOHN - VIKTOR'S TALE (FROM THE TERMINAL) - CLARINET & PIANO - Clarinette et Réduction de Piano de John


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However, today this is more to our detriment than to our advantage. As an experience, the regime change is of course extremely valuable, because — in contrast to what people sometimes think — politics is not a speculative genre, but must be built up from facts and experiences.

And the situation today is that of course this experience is a valuable one, but in the meantime there is a change going on in the world that is of similar significance to the regime change. And so viktor s tale intellectual challenge that faces us is to use the regime change only as an viktor s tale and no longer as a point of reference in our debates on understanding the future and designating our path towards the future.

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What we should instead view as our starting point is the great redistribution of global financial, economic, commercial, political and military power that became obvious in This is the task that we should successfully perform.

What helps us in this is the fact that there are people who were born later than we were. I think it viktor s tale be more useful to regard the regime change as a completed historical process and a mine of experience from now on, rather than as the starting point of discussions on the future.

The viktor s tale point of discussions on the future because, viktor s tale I understand correctly, our task each year it to try to somehow understand together what is happening around us, to seize its important moments and to perhaps recognise from this what will happen to us in the future.

And so if this is our task, then I suggest that we remind ourselves in short about the fact that there were three great changes in the global regime during the 20th century.

The joint characteristic of these, and Viktor s tale have perhaps already spoken to you about this here before, is that when these changes occurred it was clear to everybody from practically one day to the next that from now on they would be living in a different world from the one they had been living in until then.

After the Treaty of Trianon, for instance, this was absolutely obvious here, but so too in Budapest. And similarly after World Viktor s tale II.

When people looked around and saw occupying Soviet troops everywhere, they knew that it was the beginning of a different world. And inwhen we succeeded in breaking and driving out the communists, it was clear following the first Parliamentary elections that we would be living in a new world: The statement that I would like to put forward as the starting point of my speech today is that there is a change of similar value and weight going on in the world today.

Viktor s tale manifestation of this, meaning when it became absolutely obvious, is what we describe as the financial crisis, or rather the Western financial crisis.


And the significance of this change is not quite so obvious because, in contrast to the previous three, people perceive it in a viktor s tale way. At the time of the great Western financial collapse init was not clear that we would be living in a different world from now on.

Viktor's Tale (from The Terminal)

The viktor s tale is not as acute as in the case of the first three great global regime changes, but it somehow effuses our minds at a slower pace, and just as the fog slowly settles on the landscape, we slowly grasp the knowledge that if we take a good look around and properly analyse everything that is going on around us, then this is a different world to the one in which we were living six years ago, and if we extrapolate these processes with regard to the future, which of course always entails a certain amount of risk, but is a fundamentally justified intellectual task, then it is clear that these changes will become even more forthright.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Just to illustrate the depth of these changes, I have collected a few statements and thoughts from the western world, and one or two from the East too, in no particular order, which are shocking. But if one does not view them from that viktor s tale but instead looks at how far we have come over the course of six years in public discourse, in topics viktor s tale discussion and in the wording of ideas, then the statements I will be quoting help us understand the extent of the changes that are going on around the world.

In the United States, the President regularly and repeatedly talks about the fact that America has been pervaded by cynicism and that the task of the whole of American society, with the US government at the helm, is to declare war on the cynicism that stems from the financial system.

Prior tosaying something like that would have meant being excluded from a discussion between gentlemen. And in addition the idiosyncrasies of the financial system would have meant that such a statement could have easily backfired and made making such statements positively dangerous.

In contrast, such statements regularly appear in the American press today. Or, the President of the United States says that if hard-working Americans regularly have to choose between family and career, then America will lose its place within the global economy.

Or the President of the United Sates openly talks about economic patriotism. He makes statements that still result in beating and stoning on the part of the provincial Hungarian public sphere.

For instance, he openly talks about the fact that large corporations who employ viktor s tale workers should pay a fair share of taxes.