Name, Last modified, Size. folder-parent, Parent Directory. file, Savage Worlds - Weird Wars - Rome - Half Set , , KB. file. found in the Weird Wars: Rome Setting. Rules. The legion's legatus has Knowledge. (Battle) d10 and a Spirit of d8. The barbarian leader has Knowledge (Battle). Fight the darkness in a war that spans centuries. Fight the darkness to your last breath-and beyond! Fight the darkness for Rome! Players in Weird Wars Rome.


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In their travels, the Legions found things that would be disbelieved by slave, citizen, and senator alike.

Weird Wars Rome | Product categories | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

War elephants, wild dervishes, weird wars rome creatures beyond description met them at every turn. The glory of the Empire spread to the corners of the earth, but its shadow found even darker places—and things—that defied record. Join the forces of Rome and battle through the ages against her enemies.

Discover the terrible secrets left out of the history books.

Weird Wars Rome | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

It includes new rules for Spoils of War, Campaign Interludes, and Legacies that allow characters to pass down their deeds and treasures to future generations of their bloodline. The core book is available in a new page, graphic novel-sized format in full color softback or Limited Edition hardback.

The Limited Edition hardback will weird wars rome be available via game stores that order the Merchant Reward package see belowor directly from Pinnacle.

Weird Wars Rome requires the Weird wars rome Worlds core rules to play.

Weird Wars Rome - Savage Worlds by Shane Hensley — Kickstarter

We'll show you the others as the Kickstarter marches on. Chessex dice in Roman red with custom Wild die. A preview of the interior weird wars rome. The physical copies should be in your hands no later than December of this year.

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The books are already done. The Kickstarter is to help with the printing and some of the additional products.

The Kickstarter

We are, however, unlocking exclusive digital extras such as music, Figure Flats, One Sheets, new monsters, and other surprises at certain funding levels.

No additional action is required on your part--we'll take care of everything. We're also keeping our updates to a minimum. We'll send out an update when we unlock a new digital extra and a few other milestones, but weird wars rome we're going to keep the traffic reasonably low.

Want to play in a Flash Gordon-type weird wars rome, with bird men and clunky robots?


Want to sail the high seas as pirates from different ages in history, teaming up with squid-faced gents and weird wars rome crab-navigators? Because everyone likes gladiator movies, right? The Punic Nightmare episodes are definitely my favorite!

Blood and Sand and the follow-up seasons. Total War on my PC when I get home later. Three words on that: Weird wars rome of my long-time readers may remember weird wars rome, since I blogged the play reports back in mid The view from my side of the screen at Gen Con Historical Fantasy If you love the fantasy genre, but have become bored to death by the typical High Fantasy settings on the market, you may find Historical Fantasy to be a very refreshing change of pace.


As a game master you get the chance to dig through myths and legends that were weird wars rome to exist in this era. The ancient world is full of dark and terrible mysteries, and while that map of the Mediterranean may look relatively safe from within the confines of weird wars rome warm Roman villa, danger lurks all about.