The Paperback of the Winterbirth (Godless World Series #1) by Brian Ruckley at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more! Winterbirth: The Godless World: Book One. Brian Ruckley, Author. Orbit $ (p) ISBN For almost a year now I've been hearing about Brian Ruckley's “Winterbirth” which debuted last year via Orbit UK and was just released here in.


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Interesting characters that seem real Not to mention the 'godless world' aspect, winterbirth brian ruckley the gods have actually abandoned the world to it's inhabitants to fend for themselves.

And last the pacing It felt like you got inserted into the world at a decent starting point and then things just kinda move along like they would in life.


The story focuses mainly on "The Black Road", which are the exiled "True Bloods" living in the northern wastes; as they move south to attack and try to take back lands they were driven from long ago. From this you get winterbirth brian ruckley see how the races of the world: Huanin humansKrynan a race that come across as almost native american in style, but with a more foreign appearance and na'krym half-breeds of the two races interact with each other.

You also get introduced to what are the main characters for this book as winterbirth brian ruckley Black Road attacks cities and forces characters to rise to the top or die and as the Thane of Thanes in the south works politics to winterbirth brian ruckley how to deal with the attack.

Fantasy Book Critic: "Winterbirth" by Brian Ruckley

From my review the story might sound a bit politics heavy even, but I felt like the characters and war was the main storyline and the politics just a backdrop to what was happening in winterbirth brian ruckley world. For those that like Magic-light stories, you will be pleased with how it is handled in this world.

winterbirth brian ruckley Only the na'krym half-breeds have any abilities with "magic" and due to their past actions they are outcast and rare because they are seen as dangerous meddlers. They refer to magic here as 'The Shared' winterbirth brian ruckley it almost has a connected quality to it where you can sense what is happening throughout 'the shared' because it is such a small community of practitioners.

Magic here is more like special abilities that vary from na'krym to na'krym. One of the main characters in the story that uses magic simply has the ability to get a good 'read' on people and tell if they are hiding things, lying, etc.


Another can use his voice to influence people and get them to do things he suggests. So magic has a very rare and mysterious quality to it that fit perfectly into this world.

About the only complaint I could have about this are all the names flying around. Other than the main characters I got a bit confuses when some of the secondary ones popped up, especially 'true bloods' with their similar formal name structures.

But usually once they started interacting with others or their cities I put it together as the chapter moved on. There are also various names for the same thing, like the "Black Road" refers to the exiles northern True Bloods- which also have formal names like the nobles down winterbirth brian ruckley, which also have winterbirth brian ruckley group within them referred to as children of the Hundred which the preface sets up where this comes from and also they are called Inkallim.

Where the book really starts to get interesting is when all of the different factions and subplots are introduced. On the other side, you have the Black Road followers who believe in the Kall—the moment when everyone has been converted to their creed and the world is remade by the gods—and have teamed up with the White Owl Kyrinin in their most serious attempt yet.

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Ruckley provides a comprehensive list of characters in the book, a couple of detailed maps, and a timeline: Orisian of the Winterbirth brian ruckley Blood gets the most face time and was actually one of my least favorite characters in the book—I just thought he was a fairly typical adolescent hero.