Zikir after Sholat Shubuh and after Sholat Ashar that composed by Imam Abdullah Zikir derived from hadist-hadist of prophet Muhammad. Compiled by Habib Alwi Bin Muhammad Bin Tohir Alhaddad. Includes Wirdul Latiff, Wirdul Kabir, Hizbun Nasr, Hizbul Fath, Almusabba'aat and many more. Also because he was not as long as the magnitude wird, namely and reading Wirdul-Latif here is as recommended by the.


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Like the other essay, Imam Wirdul kabir wird reinforce this with verses of the Koran and Hadith. By way of writing that is happy difaham, short and precise, he compose verses of Al-Quran and Hadith for oversize and excess remembrance of God.

Named Wirdul-Latif wird light because happy reading and happy to wirdul kabir felt in our hearts.

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Also because he was not as long as the magnitude wird, namely Wirdul-Kabir. Imam Ahmad bin Alawi bin Hassan Al-Haddad, the child has her grandchildren she had this wird wirdul kabir subtracting the number of beads and tahmeed readings.

Looping beads and tahmeed deductible to three and added a paragraph to instead. Sire follow the direction of God as in Surah 2 Al-Baqarah verse Messenger of Allah had entered the mosque and the king finds there is a rope stretched between two poles, then the king asked: Wirdul kabir the Prophet s.

If he mahu learn a rewarding remembrance similar to reading the numbers remembrance of this remembrance. And the king said, "add the sentence 'how much his creation' to each rosary, taslim and tahmeed".

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Already would have been better if we have any time and energy to read this wird completely. Inshallah Allah will give wirdul kabir taufiq and hidayat Al-Habib and bless us and lead us to the right path. The next morning he came to the Prophet and submit the case wirdul kabir him because he thought the reading was not enough and complete.

Prophet said, "By the hand that holds my life, it's like a third sura of the Quran!

Say O Muhammad ; "I wirdul kabir refuge with the God who created the dawn light, rather than evil creatures He created; and rather than evil dark night when he gelita; and than sorcerers which waft on the conclusions bond; and rather than the evil of the envious when he did malice ".

Al-Falaq 3X Narrated than A'ishah said: Messenger of Allah usually wirdul kabir there is a family member sick king, the king menyemburnya by reading passages.


Meanwhile, when the king's illness that caused the king's death, I also ejects the king and the king's hand rubbed his own king, because the king's hand is certainly more a blessing than a hand.

The Master of all human beings, the right to be worshiped by mankind, From the wirdul kabir prompter arising submerged agitators, who threw a whisper and incitement to the human heart, from among the jinn and mankind ". If surah al-falaq and an-nas down, the king ketepikan others and read these verses sake only.

My Lord, I seek refuge with You from the whisperings of Satan. And I seek refuge is with you, my Lord of their arrival to me. Wirdul kabir Verse 5.

The Azkaar and Awraad Of Mawlana Al-Haddad

Did you suppose that We created you for messing around, and that you would not return to us? Its Nur spiritual light has wirdul kabir across the world, illuminating homes, hearts and the foreheads of the Muttaqeen the piousthe 'Aabideen worshippers and the Zaakireen those who do Zikr.

Let wirdul kabir drink from his pool a quenching, pleasant, delightful drink after which we shall never thirst again.