The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Zellie Wells Trilogy (Glimpse, Glimmer, Glow) by Stacey Wallace Benefiel at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping. Editorial Reviews. Book Description. All three books in the Zellie Wells trilogy, Glimpse, Glimmer and Glow, together in one volume. GLIMPSE: Zellie Wells has a. Zellie Wells Trilogy (Glimpse, Glimmer, Glow) has 4 entries in the series.


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Zellie gains her powers on her sixteenth birthday, which puts her into increasingly dangerous circumstances.

Avery climbs up to Zellie's bedroom window early in the story. They later leave to the park for their First Kiss.

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  • The Zellie Wells Trilogy: 'Glimpse', 'Glimmer', 'Glow'
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I See Dead People: Grace's power besides being a seer. She can also make love with them.

Claire, although she isn't the protagonist. Both of Zellie's grandparents from her mother's side died.

Zellie Wells Trilogy

Grandma is still alive. While she's neither angelic or diabolic, her powers seem to send her father into a religious conflict.


Real teenagers don't talk like that. I read the first book separately so here is that reveiw Real teenagers don't talk like that And also in the beginning the book moved zellie wells trilogy fast, it was annoying because it was like a three year old was telling the story; just a three year old with a big vocabulary and proper grammar.

But after the first zellie wells trilogy chapter the story got really good. The plot was original, kept you guessing, and the characters I loved.

The Zellie Wells Trilogy by Stacey Wallace Benefiel - FictionDB

There is also so much drama too. And the best part And this is a review for the series as a whole not the plot, just my general conclusion it's kind of all over the place Zellie wells trilogy am a Christian, and the spiritual parts of the story interested me. The main characters are daughters of a Lutheran pastor.

They go to youth group and et cetera, but there is no indication that they have a true faith in God, although zellie wells trilogy are swept up into an entirely different supernatural kind of good vs evil battle.

Zellie Wells Series

I did appreciate, however, that the pastor dad was not ridiculed or made out to be a hypocrite, just somewhat confused and clueless at times. I am a 40 year old mother of toddlers but I enjoy young adult fiction.

For parents, there are a lot of questionable elements zellie wells trilogy these stories. It is assumed that kids will have sex when they are teenagers.